What Have We Learnt About The Logan

Parent Essay, Research Paper

????????? The Logan Parents are very

strict.? They have raised their children

to believe in equality, although they try not to make the children unhappy they

never lie to them so often they try to soften answers to difficult

questions.? They are determined to keep

their land and properly care for it.?

Papa has a very difficult job at the railroad and he can?t see his

family very often.? Mary Logan (Mama) is

a very determined and hardworking woman.?

She works at the school, but she also works very hard on the land

picking cotton and taking it to be ginned.?

She also has four children to care for; it is remarkable how much work

she does. What is

Papa?s warning?????????? Papa warns the children not to go to

the Wallace store.? Papa enforces his

warning by saying ?If I ever

find out y?all been up there, for any reason, I?m gonna wear y?all out.? The children

are obviously scared of their father.?

Much like Mary Logan Papa often only tells the children enough so that

they will stay out of trouble.? I don?t

think that Papa tells Cassie and the boys the true reason why they shouldn?t go

to the Wallace store.? Papa tells his

children that ?There?s drinking up there?.?

To the reader it is obvious that there is another reason for being so cautious.? When the adults are talking in church and

the Berry?s burning is being discussed, for some reason Papa says ?In this

family, we don?t shop at the Wallace store.??

Presumably the Wallace store is connected to the racism suffered to the

Berry family.Describe

the Logan house.? Noting the

significance of wood. ????????? The house appears to be quite

small.?? Papa?s room also acts as a

living area; this room also leads to the front or side porch, the kitchen and

the other two bedrooms.? The room has

got photos of Papa and his brother when they were young.? The room has also got pictures of two of

Papa?s older brothers who are dead and picture of Mama?s family.? The house is made out wood.? The two woods, which have been used to make

the house and the furniture inside it, are Oak and Walnut.? Both oak and Walnut are extremely strong

types of wood that take a long time to grow.?

Therefore the house must be very strong.? The Logan?s own there own house an land so they are a lot better

off than many black families of the time.?

A lot of Black families in the 1930?s would?ve been share croppers and

as a result would be in dept to there owners.??

It is very possible that the Logan family could have made the house from

the materials available from the land.


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