Diphtheria Essay Research Paper DiphtheriaDiphtheria is a

Diphtheria Essay, Research Paper


Diphtheria is a very infectious disease ,

affecting children particularly, characterized by

the formation of a false membrane in the passages

of the upper respiratory system.

Diphtheria bacilli enter the body through the

mouth and nose and attack the mucous membranes ,

where they multiply and secrete a powerful toxin.

The nose and throat increases in size and

thickness, becoming a grayish false membrane, and

it may block the air passages. surgery may be

necessary to prevent asphyxiation.

Use Of antitoxin in treatment has cut the

mortality rate to approximately 5 percent. Most

effective development of harmless forms of

diphtheria toxin, called toxoids. given to infants

during the first year of life as part of a combined

injection, these toxoids immunize the children

against serious infection and have drastically

reduced the incidence of diphtheria in most parts

of the world.

Tips for writing your report

Plan the report.

Select an idea or topic for your report.

Gather information for your report.

Identify the information you want to include in your report. Remember you should

have at least three ways to support the main idea of your report. Include details

and specific information that will help you make your point.

Write a draft.

Review what you have written. Try reading the report out loud. It can help you

catch mistakes.

Check spelling and punctuation. Each sentence should begin with a capital letter

and end with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.

Create the final report.

Add interest.

Use graphs and charts to illustrate an idea.

Include a picture, photo, drawing, or map.

Find a quotation, and use it to make your point.

Make every word count.

Choose words your reader will understand. Remember you want to communicate

your idea to the person reading your paper.

Avoid clich?s.

Use a thesaurus to replace overworked words and find new ways to express your ideas.


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