Marxism And The Revolution Essay Essay Research

Marxism And The Revolution Essay Essay, Research Paper

Marxism and the Revolution Essay

Two important ideal s in Marx s ideas were the philosophies of Materialism and Dialectics. Materialism in philosophy is the recognition that the material word, the world we can see, hear, feel and touch is the only real world. Therefore it is logical to base our

actions around it for the best interests of the people in it. Dialectics is the theory that everything in the world is in a constant state of change.

Both of these philosophies applied to Europe at the time of the Russian revolution. The Tsar justified his autocratic rule by saying that it was his divine right, and justified many of his poor decisions by the illogical conventional religious mentality of the time. The relevance of Dialectics in the situation at the time was that the wealthy bourgeois were trying to keep everything the same, and at some point it was inevitable that a revolution would occur.

Capitalism is an economic system that has been in practice since the thirteenth-century in

the leading economic countries of the world. The results of Capitalism are Imperialism,

exploitation and war. Many of you may not see the negative effects of capitalism in the

world today. However the world in which we live today is a world in which 10% of the

world s population controls 90% of the world s wealth. The world in which we live today

is a world were 40,000 people die each day of hunger and easily curable diseases. The

world in which we live is a world that has over 1 billion human beings living in what we

would consider to be appalling conditions. Why aren t these facts widely emphasized in

the media? The answer is simple if one stops to really think about it. Who owns the

news-media corporations in our society? The extremely rich upper class or if you will the

modern bourgeoisie. It is not their will to spread the information about the glaring

poverty in their own countries and throughout the world. They are just concerned with

keeping the distribution of wealth the way it is, far in their favor. With wealth,

unfortunately comes power in a capitalist system. The system that influences our lives.

Many people believe that democracy cannot exist under a socialist system. These people

may be thinking of Stalinist Russian, which was not true socialism. It was Stalinism, that

is a regime where the economy was in the sole hands of the state, but the citizens had no

way of deciding how it would planned. They also had not way of deciding their leaders

and representatives. The bureaucratic caste took control over the state apparatus, and

used it in their own interests. This had nothing to do with socialism and in fact, in order to

come to power Stalin had first to kill hundreds of thousands of socialist and communist

militants, including most of the members of the central committee of the Bolshevik Party

who organized the Russian Revolution in 1917


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