Impact Of Modern Society On Children Identity

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impact of modern society on children identity

As human beings we are always busy by working,

studying, solving family problems, etc. That s why we can t

spend enough time with our children. Of course, we strive to

satisfy all their needs, but we do missing their prime necessity,

which is happy childhood.

When I hear the creak of swing, it seems to me that the sun

is bright, even if the weather is hazy. This is my childhood

memory. When I was a child the sunlight came into my room

every morning. I would wake up and hear the voices of

children playing in the playground below my window. I still

think that the sun was always a part of my childhood. It gave

me a light mood. I sometimes do not remember what I did

yesterday, but I remember everything about my childhood

room. I remember not only things, but also smells, feelings,

and senses.

I think about kids, who are left with baby-sitters, and feel

sorry for them. A baby-sitter takes care of the child, but she

hardly ever plays with him. I think a child learns a lot about

life from playing. Boredom is dangerous not only for adults, but

for children also. My parents usually played with me, despite

the jobs they each had. They taught me many things. I rode a

bicycle, skied, played tennis, and went on hikes. For all these

activities, I was with my parents.

From time to time, I asked my father, to his surprise, if he

had remembered the old apartment we had. Why is he

surprised? Because when we moved I was just 5 years old. I

have this memory from my happy childhood. Every time I

return to my old room in my thoughts, I am happy. I

understand what a wonderful childhood my parents gave me!

Nowadays, we faced a lot of changes in our lives, which are

making childhood obsolete. As a result of changing nature of

childhood we get increasing of juvenile crime, drags addiction

and prostitution.

In fact, we can see how our society suffers from victims of

itself. I recollect the terrible crime, which happened in recent

times. A young boy in Springfield, Oregon committed this

crime. Kip Kinkel, this is a name of a criminal, was accused in

killing his parents and two of his schoolmates without any

special reason. Unfortunately, it is not the only case we have to

face to, it is just a small tiny drop among the ocean of criminal

acts committed by children. Sometimes we simply don t know

about them, sometimes we just ignore them, up to the moment

when ourselves we have to deal with it. So, who are these

children: killers or victims?

I often ask myself: why do people commit the crime? What

is the main explanation that underlines delinquent behavior? I

understand that nobody is able to give me a clear and precise

answer. I think there is a combination of biological,

psychological, and economical problem that lead to it. But, who

could tell me, why do children commit the crime? I think

because their parents in some ways abandoned them.

Such terrible stories bring us a message that juvenile

delinquency isn t one-day process or the disease we can easy

cure. This boy is a product of modern society. We produce

such monsters by neglecting children s moral needs. We leave

them all alone, face to face to the computer screen.

Development of modern technology brings dangerous toy to

our children. It teaches them how to kill and they simply can

transfer the game to the reality.

Based on the above, we can see that time deficit or

parenting deficit affects the nation. We have to be concerned

that illegal, uneducated babysitters are looking after the

children whose parents are working fifty hours a week.

I think that people don t set a high enough value on the

raising of children as a measure of human accomplishment.

They don t know where is the best balance between work and

family. Thus, we can see the result, that such changing in

nowadays childhood have a deep impact on the unformed


When today s children will become young adults it could be

hard for them to make sense of their lives. Frequently, in this

stage of life young adults find themselves in different kinds of

hard situation. Whatever they are trying to do with good

intention turns out to be bad. In desperation, they can make

variety of mistakes. Instead of coming to their parents for the

advise they can start to do drugs, or become members of some

sects or even worse commit a crime. They cannot come to their

parents simply because parents were missing part of the


As I have read, age about 15-18 is the age of the final

establishment of a dominant positive ego identity. It is then that

a future within reach becomes part of the conscious life plan. It

is then that the question arises whether or not the future was

anticipated in earlier expectations. Thus, as we can see by

abandoning children in early age parents ruined future

adolescence too. Therefore they ruin future personality.

In sum, I assume that we should spend more time with our

children, to talk with them. We must sacrifice ourselves for the

benefit of the children. It is our duty to bear. Otherwise, we

would rise following generations affected from the beginning

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