Medea Essay Research Paper Love Will Make

Medea Essay, Research Paper

Love Will Make You Do Some CRAZY Things!

Medea?s character in modern society would be portrayed as a psycho BITCH, but yet she would be applauded for her strong will. We can compare Medea to Loraine Bobbit, the woman who cut off her husbands? penis a few years ago. In some people eyes these women are considered to be crazy. Therefore some people pity them and others fear them.

As one reads the play the image of Medea is not a beautiful one; it is one of disgust. One may see Medea as a woman of barbaric society; the reader can infer this because of her actions when she killed her brother. What type of woman would cut someone into pieces, this is telling the reader that Medea is not an ordinary woman? A mental picture that is established in ones mind, is of a woman who has a low self-esteem. No woman in her right mind would take on such tasks as Medea did. The reader comes to believe that there is something psychologically wrong with Media. She kills her own brother, children, and innocent people all because of the LOVE for one man.

In life there is bound that a mother feels and will always feel when she gives birth. A mother loves her child and will sacrifice because the love she has for her child. In Medea?s case she does do this for her children: when she calls Jason in to beg and plea with him to talk to his new bride for her children to stay. Medea does not want her children to suffer and sent into exile like her. The reader feels pity for Medea and sympathizes with her, because she has no family and her children are being sent into exile with her. Medea has the reader fooled when one begins to feels sorry for Medea; she has had devious thoughts in her mind the whole time as using her children as revenge on Jason. Some readers now feel that since of fear of Medea due to her leading actions.

In Medea her actions are a therapeutic affect on which we call catharsis. Medea purges her emotions to the chorus because she has no one to talk to; she is lonely which is an another reason for her actions throughout the epic. Medea is applauded for her strong will, because she takes the law into her own hands. Medea was not the type of woman who would not let anyone take advantage of her. Medea lost control of her emotions when Jason treated her so bad, she was so use to being in control that it hurt her; therefore lead to the purging of her emotions. Medea is applauded for being a strong woman in modern society. Being strong willed was not common in pre-modern society. Modern woman look at Medea as a hero, the pre-modern society look at her as a rebel, which she was, woman had to start somewhere to be recognized.

Therefore, by Medea starting of in deus ex machina the reader does not have a clear understanding of Medea. As the epic unfolds we come to realize why Medea responded to society the way she did. Medea ?s revenging the epic leads back to the fact that Medea has no rights in her society. She feels that rebelling against society will her get what she wants when in all actually she let her feelings get involves and she becomes psychotic.


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