Odyssey Essay Research Paper What are the

Odyssey Essay, Research Paper

What are the five elements of an epic? Show how The Odyssey meets each of the five elements by providing well – detailed examples.

Homer cleverly uses each of the five elements of an epic poem in The Odyssey. The first one used was when Athena promised to assist Odysseus. Athena is the divine brings who assist the hero. Athena assisted Odysseus only because he was wily and self-controlled. Those were extremely rare, but respected traits. The next element Homer used was personification of forces of nature. Charybdis is a female monster who sucks in water three times a day to form deadly whirlpools. Since it is a real whirlpool in the Strait of Messina, it is personification. Homer also gave human-like characteristics to other monsters and gods throughout this epic. Another important factor to Odysseus?s success was transformations. When Odysseus returned to Ithaca, he didn?t want to reveal his identity, because first, he has to find out if his wife had been faithful to him. Athena, who promised to help him, thought Odysseus was being prudent and offered to temporally disguise him as an old beggar. This is a magical transformation of the hero Odysseus. Disguised as the beggar, he found that his wife had in fact been faithful, but suitors were trying to replace him. The only man who she would marry, though, was someone who could thread Odysseus?s bow and then shoot it through several small rings on the end of ax handles. The bow is the magical weapons that is for only one person. Each of the suitors tried to thread it, but not one accomplished their task. After each of the suitors failed, Odysseus revealed himself. He threaded and shot the bow easily. To prove to his father that it was really he, Odysseus revealed the scar on his leg. The scar on his leg is the sign that reveals his true identity. Homer has captured man people?s attention with The Odyssey. Myths are created for the purpose of conveying a message with an interesting medium. Many cultures use myths to teach their young about the past. His story is read in Greece, America, and many other countries.


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