Hate Crimes Essay Research Paper Hate and

Hate Crimes Essay, Research Paper

Hate and prejudice have been present in our society for a long time. For whatever reason

people do not like a person or a group because they are different. The reason could be

their skin color, sex preference, religion, or culture. Hate is built up inside and can lead to

violence and sometimes death. Hate seems so ridiculous, but there are answers to why it

occurs. Why do people hate? Hate could be spread through competition and the feeling

that you, or your people s way of life is the best and others are inferior. Low self-esteem

could bring someone to hate because the feeling of hatred towards another person or

group may be the only thing they feel good about. These are just a few of the

explanations to why people hate. Hate crimes appear to be on the rise, there are several

recent accounts of these crimes. Examples such as Matthew Shepherd, the man dragged

in Texas, and the woman beaten in Central Park a few years ago. The ever present

feelings of hate and prejudice in our society need to change before massive problems could


Hate is bred and encouraged in hate groups like the Klu Klux Klan. The Klan as

the group is commonly called believes in the prosperity of the white race. They believe

America to be a place founded for white America. Races are not supposed to mix or

co-inhabitate together according to them. Ideas like this can only breed hate. The Klan

is attempting to make separations between themselves and other groups of people. The

Klan originated after the civil war.(Robb pg.1) By loosing the confederacy some white

people felt that their western philosophy of a white Christian nation was taken from them.

(Robb pg.1) Nathan Bedford Forrest was the grand wizard for the first era of the clan.

(Robb pg. 1) His teachings are still present in the Klan today. He felt that the true

ideas of America were taken from him and his fellow white Christians. (Robb pg. 1)

Present day Klan members are often targeted as bashing Catholicism, homosexuals, Jews,

and African-Americans. The Klan needs to preserve their way of life by looking down on

others. Even though some of the more intelligent members of the Klan seem to convey a

peaceful approach to their way of life, the majority of them are simply ignorant. Their way

of life could be preserved without them constantly looking down on others. They are

ignorant because of their lack of knowledge to the way our country was intended to be is

a melting pot of races and cultures.

Skin heads are another hate group that is attempting to preserve the white race.

Many of their teachings and ideas are similar to the Klan. What is scary about the skin

heads or neo-nazis as they are commonly called is they model themselves after Adolph

Hitler s teachings and philosophy. Hitler was obviously a very evil man and the idea that

someone could still follow his philosophy is scary. The nazis often blame the Jews for all

that goes wrong in our country. (George pg.1-7) This group is nothing more than pure

hate and spreading evil. The group appears to be founded in the hating of other

nationalities and cultures. (George pg.1-7) More time needs to be spent on these people

worrying about themselves than other people. Members of some of these groups do not

consider themselves hate groups but rather groups that have a set principle of life and have

every right to voice their opinions. (Robb 2nd pg.6-7)

The first amendment is often used to back up many of these groups opinions on

issues and other ways of their life or culture. (Robb 2nd pg.6) If these groups are so keen

on the use of the first amendment in their voice of opinion than why do they belittle every

one else for voicing their own opinions? This appears to be a huge contradiction of the

Klan and the skin heads. How can an action be justified by freedom of speech if others free

speech is unacceptable. For whatever reasons they exist (or say they exist) these groups

only breed hate in people and society. They need to understand the direction America is

headed as a nation. The direction is definitely not to retreat back to segregation, but

rather to develop a nation where all races can live together in peace.

The Black Panther Party was originally a self defense group founded in 1966, in

Oakland. (Acoli pg.1) Their goal has been to preserve the black culture and give African

Americans their equal rights in America.(Acoli pg.1) The Black Panthers established

during the civil rights era when blacks were trying to segregate with whites. They also

would like to establish a black society in which their children were taught examination of

one s self and the pride of their African culture.(Acoli pg.2) They also believe the

government to be racist and think that all black men should be exempt from military

service.(Acoli pg. 3) They believe the government robbed them of their communities and

has caused the deaths of many of their people. (Acoli pg.3) They seek repentance for all

the damage that has been caused to them as a community and a culture.(Acoli pg.2) Once

again there is a group blaming another. Many aspects of what is said are true, black

people were brought into our country as slaves and have suffered several misfortunes in

trying to regain their equality and rights. It appears that the Black Panthers are blaming

white people as a whole group for their misfortunes. This is why they are also considered

a hate group. Just like the Klan and the skin heads they believe their culture needs to be

preserved and viewed as supreme.

Ethnicity and nationalism are often expressed as the prime subject behind these

groups. Words like ethnic groups , ethnicity , and ethnic conflict have become quite

common terms in the English language, and they keep coming up in the press, in TV news,

in political programs, and in casual conversations. (Eriksen pg.1) The same can be said

for nation and nationalism , but these terms frequently seem vague because so many

display loyalty to their ethnicity rather than their country. (Eriksen pg.1) Many social

theorists believed that ethnicity and nationalism would decrease in importance and

gradually vanish as a result of modernization, industrialization and individualism.(Eriksen

pg.1) This never happened, instead they have grown in political importance in the world.

(Eriksen pg.1) Different ethnic groups decided they needed to be loyal and proud of their

own culture.(Eriksen pg.2) Instead of putting their nationalism view point towards their

country they put it towards their descent group. True nationalism would be devotion to

the country you live in and their systematic view. The theory behind America is not

devotion to a single ethnic group but respect towards the idea that all men were created

equal and can live together. Nationalism can not really be used by any one of the groups

mentioned. Nationalism is defined as the devotion to your national interests and the unity

and independence that goes with it.(Eriksen pg.3) Who would they be giving their

nationality towards, definitely not towards America. Nationality towards America would

not be specified to an ethnic group, religion, or one culture, but the acceptance of all of

these different aspects of life.

What are the reasons an individual would hate? When a person is unsure of

himself he may feel the need to constantly have a hate for someone else to make himself

feel better.(Georgr pg. 4) If more people could understand how to like themselves then

they would have less reasons to release their anger on others. We live in a society that

gives the impression that we should excel, and stand out so others will look up to us. This

idea gives people (especially kids) low self-esteem. People also feel the need to conform

into some social group. This is very hard for some people and could give them self doubt

and lack of confidence. Notice kids today are all be categorized. Go to a local highschool

everyone is being categorized and rated. There are so many kids who would do anything

to be accepted into a certain group. It Appears that they will belittle themselves as a

human being for the social status they want to achieve. People in general are so quick to

keep someone down who is already down. Once someone has been kicked so many times

when they are down it is hard for them to get back up and show love towards other

people. The result more often than not is one of grief and a feeling of unacomplishment.

Members of hate groups often have lived a rejected background and have nothing else to

hold onto.(George pg.2)

Hate is naturally present in people whether they strongly hate or not. We all have

the ability in us to hate. Outside forces encourage people to hate. Hate comes out in

people for all the wrong reasons sometimes. We all make choices to hate and the less

someone feels about themselves the more they would hate. Hate is spread in people and

through people. Hate is a force that can spread and grow in rapid numbers. We see this

present in the growing number of violent crimes in our society. Hate seems to be growing

and needs to be stopped before large problems arise. Hate can be stopped if strong

punishments are put on those who commit hate crimes. Hate groups opinions should not

be given so much attention, they should just be ignored. (HRC Pg.1-2) A nationalistic

view towards all ethnic variations should be portrayed from the government.(SPLC Pg. 1)

Will hate continue to rise? Right now it appears that hate is going to rise until something

devastating happens or everyone learns that the ongoing competition of this us verse them

mentality will get us no where.


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