Another Ernest Hemingway Essay Research Paper A

Another Ernest Hemingway Essay, Research Paper

A young man by the name of Ernest Hemingway was born in

1898 and

grew up in a suburb of Chicago Illinois. (Jones 416) His


was a doctor. As a boy, he and his father spent time


hunting and fishing in Michigan. (Brown 571) Hemingway

wrote for

his school newspaper. (Jones 416) During his youth

Hemingway also

played football and swam. (Smith 34)

After graduating from high school, Hemingway was hired

with the

Kansas City Star newspaper. (Jones 416) While writing for


Kansas City Star, Hemingway began to develop his own

unique style

of writing. (Brown 571)

Later, Hemingway worked for the Red Cross as an

ambulance driver

during World War I. (Jones 416) Only a few days before he


turn twenty years old, Hemingway was wounded in the leg

and sent

back to the United States. (Smith 34)

In 1921, the Toronto Star sent Hemingway to Europe as a

journalist writer. While in Paris he published two books. The


Also Rises was published in 1926 and was his first novel


made him a well-known writer. Hemingway loved to write

about his

adventurous activities. During the Spanish Civil War in the

1930’s, Hemingway wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls. Many


thought this was one of his best novels. Hemingway later

wrote a

novel about showing the need to accept life with honor. In


he published this novel entitled The Old Man in the Sea.


416) Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for this


(Brown 571)

Hemingway loved to experience nature. He loved adventure;


enjoyed hunting, fishing, and watching bullfights. These

adventurous experiences helped shape his style of writing.


writers later copied this style. They also copied his style of

writing in short and direct sentences. (Brown 571)

Hemingway looked at life as a game. He shaped literature


writing about how mankind is eventually totally defeated. He


been put down for writing about how men are always tough

and not

be afraid of danger. Hemingway became depressed during

the last years of his life, and shot and killed himself in 1961. (Jones



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