A Life In The Day Of Essay

A Life In The Day Of? Essay, Research Paper

A life in the day of? Paul Gambrill Here is a Picture of

me. Sadly, it?s not very good-probably because I HATE having my photo taken. My

name is Paul Gambrill; I live in a house in Felixstowe that is very close to

Safeway (I can buy a pie in under 1 minute); I am 15 but change my age to suit

my mood-I can go from 10 to 20 in one day; I like cool things and hate most

things/people. ??????????? My average morning consists mainly of shouting, swearing and

a whole lot of trying to get out of spending another day at school. Each day I

use the same few words to start my day off?well, they?re more grunts and

gurgles than words but they make perfect sense to me. ??????????? After the

fuss and bother of getting up, washing, dressing and packing my bag for school

I bound down the stairs, ignore all of my family, go out of the door and launch

myself onto my bike ready for the day ahead. I am the sort of person that has

the thought of skipping school each day to stay at home and eat ice-cream but I

never do because there is a huge amount of guilt and fear (of getting found

out) that descends upon me, so I keep on pedalling in a school bound direction. ??????????? Upon my

arrival at school I slam my bike into a rack, lock it up and ignore everyone I

see. The reason for ignoring everyone

I see is because in the morning I am a very terrible person, I am extremely

grumpy and talking to someone will make it worse. ?Then I walk to the school entrance and kick open the door and kick

open all the other doors that impede my rapid and uneasy journey to the form

room where I hope to hear the great news that some of my least favourite

teachers haven?t turned up for school due to some freak accident! ??????????? More

unearthly noises follow as I enter the form room?that room of death, unsanitary

conditions and weird smells. There is a warm feeling in the back of my neck as

teachers I know and hate walk by killing me in their small minds. It doesn?t

bother me because I can think of far more interesting ways of killing them than

they can of me!!!!! ??????????? ?Quiet

please? declares Mr Speirs, but no one seems to care that he wants us to

shut-up. Again he says it, ?Quiet please.? Still, he gets no reaction and

decides to sit there, arms folded, angry look on his face and still, he has no

effect on the class. It usually takes him a couple of minutes realise he won?t

get anything out of us and finally resorts in a little retaliation?either he

shouts at us or he gets one of the senior teachers to have a dig. The threat of

a senior teacher shuts most people up but the war is not yet won by the

teaching community, as it NEVER will be! Ha Ha Ha ??????????? During this

time all I do is talk to my friends about what was on TV last night, or talk

about something stupid someone did yesterday. I am not the sort of person who

gives in to demands pretty easily so my friends and I all keep up the noise for

as long as possible or until we can?t really be bothered to annoy a defenceless

teacher any longer! ??????????? The bell

goes and it?s time for my day to officially get worse?I hate lessons and the

first one is always boring, just like the second, third, fourth, fifth and

sixth. By the end of the first lesson I am about ready to go home or maybe even

die if it comes to it. I am always hungry after the first lesson as well. But

still, I have to keep going on and on with my life, no matter how hungry I am! ??????????? What has

hunger got to do with finishing the first lesson? I hear you ask! Well, I never

have breakfast and learning makes me very hungry. Probably because my brain

works really hard and I use up a lot of excess energy and fat to learn so I

need some food to top me back up! ??????????? When

lunchtime finally comes I can?t be bothered to eat so I don?t-unless I see

something I really like-a pie; sweets; chips soaked in vinegar; even the odd

packet of crisps or two-but usually, I eat nothing. Most lunchtimes are the

same for me, all I do is go up town with friends, stay in school with friends

or go onto the field and annoy smaller, less fortunate children than me, with

friends! Tedious or what???? ??????????? More

schooling comes after that one hour of pure fun and then it?s off home for an

evening of less fun than I have had at school. Cycling home seems like an

eternity; round and round my pedal goes, with every turn the struggling flows.

Finally I arrive and my day has only just begun. I go into my kitchen to see if I

have any letters…nope, I don?t. I go upstairs to my pit and to check if my

mum has left me a gift of some kind or even some money?nope. So I decide to sit

down at my desk, turn my computer on and go on the Internet to spend all of my

hard earned cash on DVD?s. I spend hour?s looking for things I like and things

I may want to buy but when I come to purchase these things it turns out that I

have no money and I have to give up. I always check out my website

when I am on the Internet. I created my website to convey everything about me

in a way that others can see. It tells of my likes and dislikes, things that

interest me and it is also a very good way of interacting with people I know

and don?t know. I spend hours each day working on it, trying to make it

better?I see it as a piece of the future seeing as everyone will be using the

internet to communicate soon and I may as well get a head start because ?God? I

need one! ??????????? My

favourite section/feature on my website is the section about film news. I have

spent the longest time on that section as watching films is my favourite thing.

I watch classics; new films; absolutely terrible films; films that everyone has

watched but I haven?t (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has to be one of my faves)

horror films; films on DVD; films at the Cinema; films that look good;

controversial films; and I think you get the idea now that I watch everything

film-like. ??????????? After all

of the fuss and bother of editing and maintaining my site I turn off my

computer, swivel around on my chair and watch TV but quickly I turn it off and

have a little sleep to rest my tired eyes. ??????????? When I wake

up from the sleep brought on by the boredom I turn the TV on again and watch

whatever?s on, even if it is absolute excrement (I?m not allowed to use the

word crap-it?s not the best way of using English skills). I flick through all

the channels saying ?nope, nope, nope, nope? until I decide that all TV is

rubbish and then I turn it off. ?Time for a bath? I say as I hobble along the landing

towards the bathroom. ??????????? I?ve given

this a lot of thought and I really hate having a bath. Think about it?you get

naked, climb into a tub of boiling hot water, you soak in your own dirt that

you have collected throughout the day and then get out, all wrinkly and still

just as dirty as when you got in. But showers, on the other hand, are

economical and more hygienic. You climb into the shower, you can regulate the

temperature to suit your needs at different times, you can CLEAN more places

and you only use water that you need therefore helping the environment, which I

actually hate doing because the environment hasn?t done anything for me! ??????????? A couple of

hours later I emerge form the bathroom and I immediately go back to my land of

wonder and fall asleep again. Although sometimes I swap sleep for doing work

for school, but that is very, very, very rare! But before I fall into the

sanctuary of sleep I spend a few hours reviewing my day, thinking about what I

should have done and not what I did do and then I start to think about the

future. When thinking about the future I

take into account things that I have to do to attain goals I set myself and

firstly, a goal to aim for. As each day is pretty similar to me, the hours I

spend contemplating my existence seem to give off the same conclusion?(no, it?s

not ?stuff that, let?s go to sleep?) work harder at school and then you?ll

achieve more. But after I say to myself each night that I am going to work

harder the next day at school and do all of my work and not to mess around, I

never actually stick to my guns. My morals state that I do things

that I want to do and not what others say, which seems to be a good moral but

it doesn?t get me anywhere except for in a lot of trouble and often a

detention. So when I say to myself that I have to do work, etc, my morals

strictly prohibit me from working hard at school because it?s what other people

want and not what I want. All I want to do is have fun. Education?HA, what a

joke. If I need educating I?ll get it when I want it and not when ?the

government? wants me to!!!! ?? ???????? As I drift off sleep I start thinking

of all of the things I have done in my life that I could have done differently

and which would have given me great personal gain, for example: when I went to

America?I could have gone on a killing spree or chatted up some lovely women

and had a wonderful time but instead I went on the 5 biggest roller coasters in

America 15 times in a row and was sick.????? ??????????? Another

example: at school, when a teacher says something to me I can never find the

right kind of witty comeback but at night I can always think of a good one

although they are too coarse to put into this essay.? ??????????? ?? ??????????? ?


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