Principal Global 39 s Shah Sees Le Pen 39 s Support on the Rise

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Le Pen Pledges Careful Steps to Appease Voters  [ВИДЕО]
Principal Global 39 s Shah Sees Le Pen 39 s Support on the Rise  [ВИДЕО]
French people 39 voted for continuity 39 Le Pen  [ВИДЕО]
Marine Le Pen Brexit will have domino effect  [ВИДЕО]
Brexit Macron vs Le Pen  [ВИДЕО]
If Le Pen wins it 39 s the end of the world as we know it Christopher Dickey  [ВИДЕО]
Jean Marie Le Pen A more energetic and a less sanitized campaign would have had more impact  [ВИДЕО]
Poll shows Marine Le Pen winning first round of French presidential vote  [ВИДЕО]
Le Pen calls for border controls after French attack  [ВИДЕО]
LE PEN WINNING FRENCH ELECTIONS Here 39 s Why Liberal Politics Is Losing Globally to Right  [ВИДЕО]
Yanis Varoufakis Hopes for a Le Pen Loss in France  [ВИДЕО]
Paris Shooting How Terrorism Will Help Marine Le Pen  [ВИДЕО]
Election in France leads to runoff between Macron Le Pen  [ВИДЕО]
France 39 s Le Pen looks to win farmers vote  [ВИДЕО]

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