Biological Weapons: From Bubonic Plague to Anthrax

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Len Horowitz - A History of US Biological Warfare Research  [ВИДЕО]Naval Concepts of Chemical and Biological Warfare (Department of Defense, 1952)  [ВИДЕО]
The World's Deadliest Weapons - Chemical and biological Weapons  [ВИДЕО]
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Biological Weapons: From Bubonic Plague to Anthrax  [ВИДЕО]
Documentary - Deadliest diseases - Small pox is back as a biological weapon?  [ВИДЕО]
US Biological Warfare Program History  [ВИДЕО]
The Origin of AIDS, the CIA and Army Biological Warfare  [ВИДЕО]
Unit 731 - Shiro Ishii - Japans WWII biological warfare project  [ВИДЕО]
Chronic Diseases: Who's killing us, and how?  [ВИДЕО]
Mantis Shrimp Sparring {Duke University Research}  [ВИДЕО]
The Most Radioactive Places on Earth  [ВИДЕО]
Biological and Chemical Warfare - English 4 Mrs. Woodmansee  [ВИДЕО]
Independence Day: Resurgence  [ВИДЕО]
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  [ВИДЕО]
V for Vendetta  [ВИДЕО]
Oppose Bacteriological Warfare: Biological Warfare During the Korean War (1952)  [ВИДЕО]
Kingsman: The Secret Service  [ВИДЕО]

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