How To Train For Swimming Essay Research

How To Train For Swimming Essay, Research Paper

Training for the sport of swimming requires a lot of time , proper health, and a positive attitude. In a normal week a swimmer spends fifteen hours in the pool so about two to three hours a day .(Hartl). Each swim practice is broken down into different parts. The first part swimmers spend twenty to thirty minutes on warm-up.(Crouse,Hartl). The second part concentrates twenty minutes to drills which teaches proper technique .(Crouse) . The next hour to a hour an a haft focuses on condition and building endurance. (Hartl). The final part of practice spends five minutes on cooling down. (Crouse) . The type of practice also depends on the time of season . At the start of the season coaches try to emphasis on technique and building endurance. (Hartl). After two weeks , workouts gradually get harder and the focus goes to aerobic fitness and higher endurance levels . Then in the middle of the season the practices become primarily working on anaerobic training (speed, power, and expressiveness). (Hartl). The final phase of the season (about two weeks before the big meet) , Swimmers start to “taper”. ” Taper” controls the aerobic speed and helps the swimmer’s body rest which can improve their performance. (Hartl).

Swimmers consumes about one hour a day in the weight room to enhance physical performance. In the weight room swimmers work the muscles of the chest , the back, shoulders, arms, legs , and abominates all essential to swimming. (Hartl).

Swimmers should have proper health : healthy diet and lots of rest shows most importance to swimming. To repair muscles swimmers should eat lots of protein which helps repair muscles after long workouts. (Hartl). Carbohydrates the next important to a swimmer’s diet because it gives them energy to swim good. (Crouse). Swimmers should eat about six meals (three main meals and two small ones) with protein and carbohydrates. (Hartl).

The last and most important element in training for swimming is Mental training . Swimmers, before the season should set goals and talk to their coaches about how they can achieve them. (Crouse). They should post their goals somewhere they can see it and keep track of their progress. (Hartl). They need to visualize their race at least three times a week so they can be more prepared when the time of the race comes. (Hartl).

In conclusion the complex sport of swimming has many elements to become successful , but with hard work, dedication and proper health anyone can achieve their goals.