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Child Abuse Essay, Research Paper

Child Abuse

Why do some people feel the need to commit child abuse? Child abuse is something that affects many children in the U.S. It is not something to be taken lightly or to be over looked. Those people who commit abuse against children are people who are mentally unstable and are dangerous to society. I believe that there is no valid reason for any person to ever take an abusive act towards a child.

People who commit child abuse usually come from a background that is unstable or that experienced previous child abuse. However, there are some cases where children are abused because the parent(s) drinks or the parent(s) just does not know how to deal with the things that they are going through. These parents or people are in desperate need of help for themselves to prevent further actions of abuse against children.

When a person beats a child or otherwise, they are typically letting out anger, feelings, or aggressions that they harbor inside themselves. There are better ways to deal with these feelings and emotions. They can be dealt with by writing, talking, or drawing. Many people with abusive pasts often turn to counseling to help them sort things out and keep them from continuing the abuse cycle. With so many alternatives to abuse there is no reason for any person to use abuse as an excuse to deal with emotions.

When a child is abused they often grow up thinking that abuse is the only way to solve their problems and, thusly, use abuse towards their own children when they are bad or do something that the parent doesn?t like or appreciate. This causes the cycle of abuse to continue further from generation to generation, when it should not have happened to begin with.

No person should have to experience any type of abuse, ever! Abuse does nothing for a person except harm them and make them into people they should never know how to be. Abuse is something that should not be a part of our society.