Respect Essay Research Paper We have always

Respect Essay, Research Paper

We have always been told that we need to act correctly

in class and in whatever we do, but as humans we like

to communicate and impress others with our wit or lack

there of. So it is hard to know the line between

respectable communication and lack of control. If we

talk to much and are lucky enough to get away with it,

we think that this is the line. So we assume that we

can go to this line and maybe even push it a little,

this is the wrong set of mind. We should be trying to

reach farther then the standard, going beyond the call

of duty or respect. If the teacher call you down, that

is not the line but should be considered past the line.

We should see that the teachers like wholesome talk,

but, like all people, they also need to maintain

control. The only difference is they have to make all

of us maintain control to, and that is nowhere near

easy. If we are respectable in class, then the teacher

is able to continue the talk.

Two of virtues we must follow are obedience and order.

Obedience is more than doing job because you get a good

feeling afterwards. Anyone can do that, even pagans. It

is a mood of the heart, and we must see that obeying is

worth more than that feeling. It is more than just the

right thing to do, it is about the right set of mind.

If we obey for our benefit or for brownie points, it

is in vain. If we do it for someone else’s benefit,

then we are getting close. But if we do it for the

glory of God, then we have the right mind

These principle isn’t easy to abide by, even John

Adams had problems with orderly conduct. Some would

say that was what helped him win the other colonies

delegates, but it only hindered him. What helped him

sway the other delegates was his determination and

vigorousness. It was because of Adams disorderly

conduct that some delegates thought independence was

another stupid, rebellious plan. Benjamin Franklin

knew that the American people were unruly and hinted

to this finding in his statement, “A republic, if you

can keep it.”

So if we think that we must be heard to get things

done, we are wrong. However, if we allow others to

share their views and show enough regard to them and

listen, we can do things greater than that of our


We must remember that one act of disobedience can

cause dire consequences. Take Israel in the desert, if

they had listened to God they would have entered the

Promise Land forty years younger and stronger. And

then there was Korah who for his disobedience was not

only swallowed but also his entire army and family.

Back in the biblical day, children and adolescence

were stoned for disobedience by the town elders. So if

we have any other reasons not to obey then we have

problems not the teacher or authority over us.