Working During High School Essay Research Paper

Working During High School Essay, Research Paper

Working part time while attending high school is difficult but beneficial. It helps you to build basic skills needed later on in life. This experience can teach you independence, time-management, and also responsibility.

Independence is a much needed ability. It leads the way to responsibility and time-management. Even while working on in a group setting, independence is taught. You realize that you need to be responsible in order to get your work finished, and you need to set your goals accurately. Self-reliance when in adolescence, trains you to function on your own, which will be needed as you mature, and move away from home. By having a part time job, you depend less on your family, and can support yourself more. Independence sharpens your awareness. By being on your own, you start to understand how to prepare yourself for college/university or the workforce. Becoming self-sufficient improves your perception of your abilities to problem-solve and work successfully.

Another helpful area to be adept in, is time-management. It is another step of responsibility. It helps you stabilize your lives. During high school, if you have a part-time job, this is very useful. Balancing often hectic lives gives you a good lesson. When you are older, and are searching for employment, an employer will often look to see if you are able to set goals for the future and work toward them. This is also good to use for your personal life. Learning how to prioritize is key. It lets you figure out what is most important for you, and you can change your lifestyle around these priorities. It helps you to be reliant and self-supporting. Time-management improves the way you act, letting you decide on simple questions about homework or chores, or on more meaningful questions.

Holding a part-time job in high school teaches you different levels of responsibility and commitment. This can better your attitude or work habits. It teaches you to be accountable and accepting of your actions. If you can confess to an accident you caused, your position will be changed. You can learn that everyone makes mistakes, and that you should be held liable. Motivational skills and self discipline are taught. Even if you don t want to complete an assignment, you know that you have to, or you are in risk of losing your job. The same could apply for schoolwork and tasks at home. It could improve your marks in school. Good communication skills are imposed. By having to work with others in a responsible way, you can understand each other better, and strengthen each other, by balancing each other s weaknesses. Also, personal relationships would be helped through communication. Reliability is needed in every occupation available. Responsibility improves your incentives and your working and non working relationships.

Although it may not be an easy thing to do, your work skills would be vastly improved, as would be your lives in a larger sense. You learn how to function on your own, accept the consequences, learn from your actions, prioritizing, and how to communicate effectively. It may be draining, and, in some cases, negatively affect your relationships with your friends and family. But, in the long run, you ll be a better person for it.