Web Advertising Essay Research Paper Web advertising (стр. 3 из 3)

reports that some publishers are scaling back their web publishing ambit

ions, or shutting down sites altogether lend credence to the notion that

there will be significant ’shakeout’ as commercial Web sites fail for lack

of a viable business model (McDonald, 1997). Scenario

#2:Advertising-content hybrids Advertisers who do not sell their products

directly to consumers but still want to find a way to participate in

interactive media will revert to a model that prevailed in the early days

of television sponsorship. By sponsoring a site that consumers value,

the advertiser will hope to build positive associations for the brand.

The communication limitations of banners will be overcome by surrounding

content with imagery related to the sponsoring brand. Where practical

sponsor-friendly content will be interle aved will brand-neutral content.

Though there will be some reaction against this hybridisation on the part

of media critics and consumers alike, the form will probably still

flourish as the digital equivalent of the infomercial (McDonald, 1997).

Scenario#3: Internet service provider’s provoke privacy whiplash New

generations of Internet service provider will emerge that will provide an

extraordinarily sophisticated database that captures information on how

individual subscribers use the Internet. This will enable the marketer to

customise communications back into the box in the subscriber’s home and

hereby the Web will be able to live up to its promises of one-to-one

marketing (McDonald, 1997). Scenario#4: Advertisements get detached from

the media Marketers will be able to sent targeted information to

subscribers on their past Web usage patterns regardless of what current

Web sites they are visiting. In effect, they will be able to sell the

audience to advertising directly without the intermediary of the media

(McDonald, 1997).


The Internets Multimedia arm, the World Wide Web, can support both

consumer marketing and trade marketing objectives. The Web is where all

the commercial activity and its importance as a new medium has been

recognised to the extent that it will be measure d in all US media

research from this year. The Web provides a company with access to a

global audience of consumers in their millions, and also to a very wide

range of companies (Rath, 1997) The Internet has provided marketers with

exciting and challenging advertising prospects. There will undoubtedly be

many lessons to be learned in the near-future concerning the intracacies

and quirks of the medium. South Africa is technologically equipped to

make full use of the Internet’s capabilities and South African marketer’s

are provided with an opportunity to prove themselves to a very viable

Internet market. In conclusion , the future of the Internet and Web

advertising can be encapsulated through the words of John Matthee -

‘bigger and better, bigger and better…’.


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