Their Two Worlds Essay Research Paper Can

Their Two Worlds Essay, Research Paper

??Can I ever forget that I am schizophrenic? I am isolated and I am alone. I am never real. I play-act my life, touching and feeling only shadows. My heart and soul are touched, but the feelings remain locked away, festering inside me because they cannot find expression.??

Anonymous, New York Times, March 18,1986

Simply Schizophrenia can be described as the word, ??madness?? or ??crazy??. The people who are suffering from the illness, usually hurry and try to dismiss the picture of the deranged individual from their minds which means their minds are divorced from reality in the society. The world’s almost 1% population was affected and on average, 1 person out of 100 persons will suffer schizophrenia. It usually starts between the ages of 15 and 25. Some schizophrenics are caused by overwhelming stress. The symptoms often appear when a young adult leaves home for the first time to live on his other own. It is possible that if the parents or one of their ancestor had the illness their children or posterity 10 to 15% will easily suffer. Generally the symptoms are delusions, hallucinations and incoherent conversation between the patients. Delusions are unthinking of ideas that have no reasonable basis in fact (for example, I am invisible). Hallucinations are sensory experiences that occur without any external stimulus. Hearing, seeing, or sensing something that is not there (for example, Ordinary colors appeared to be much too bright, and sunlight seemed dazzling in intensity).And they feel that someone is controlling their mind, for instance, someone in the television show might affects them. Here is a paragraph that Louise Wilson wrote of one such delusion in This Stranger, My son her ill son.

He refused to touch any food that I had prepared or handled, even a bakery cake,

if my hand had untied the string. Not until years later did we hear he was afraid his

food was being poisoned.

There is no drug or exact medicine yet, only the long term counseling will help them to recover. The doctor??s most important job is teaching them about their illness. So they might understand their illness and possibly can change their mind if they concern about

their future. And also giving them simply work the hospital or mountain climbing which

give them good self-confident have helped some people to recover their illness.

According to most therapists, after watching their patients 5-6years, found some improvements. It??s not forever but, to reach to the end, it will take 30-40years. The family??s perseverance might be absolutely needed.

The future is not hopeless and many doctors and others are trying to find new medicine. Only time is the problem. But the most important thing might is the patient??s willingness of recovery and family??s constant support.


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