How Does Different Media Use Different Techniques

Essay, Research Paper

??????????? From

doing this project I can conclude that radio, newspaper and television

advertisements use different techniques to make the adverts appeal to the

consumer. Newspaper advertising concentrates on the use of the written word in

conjunction with graphics and colour (where appropriate). TV advertising has

the advantage of the spoken word, graphics and camera and lighting techniques.

Finally radio advertising uses the spoken word and sound to appeal to the

listener.??????????? All forms of communication are

effective and each has its benefits in putting over the message and each using

different techniques in achieving its objectives. ??????????? One of the major benefits of using

one or all of these advertising is that they can reach a national target

audience if this is desired. This is not always the case since some advertisers

are appealing to regional audience and would therefore use regional newspaper

media and selected commercial TV channels to advertise their product or

company.??????????? Smaller companies do not use large

scale media advertising to advertise their products or companies because it is

sometimes not a profitable expenditure and is not required to target a national

audience, so leaflets given out in the street and adverts in local newspapers

are often used.??????????? In all types of media advertising, I

have discovered that companies use different persuasive technique when writing

text, speech or dialogue. Pre-modifiers and superlatives are used to make

objects sound better or worse than they are, for example an old-fashioned computer

or a modern computer. Contrasts in text or

colours can be appealing, and contractions of word are used to make things easy

to understand and not confusing. Monosyllabic words also do this, and doing the

opposite can make things sound modern, superior and educated.??????????? Cohesion plays an important part in

media coverage, especially when the company uses all three types of

advertising, as it makes the consumer identify with different things.??????????? Famous people are frequently used in

all three types of media, as is makes the viewer identify with that person, and

they may believe that that person recommends the product or company.??????????? Overall, I can conclude that much

effort is taken when planning a new television, radio or newspaper

advertisement to make the advert appealing to the viewer without them knowing

it, and many persuasive and effective techniques are used to do this. The use

of colour, the cast, the camera angles, the sound and the text and the informality

of the message all help to create an effective, informative and successful

advertising campaign.