Physical Therapist Essay Research Paper A Physical

Physical Therapist Essay, Research Paper

A Physical Therapist has to be as concerned with the wellness of patients and the prevention of further injuries as they are in helping people get better. This paper will tell what a physical therapist is and the things they deal with day to day.

“A physical therapist selects and applies techniques and treatments that help relieve pain, increase strength and decrease or prevent crippling for patients in hospitals or other health care facilities.” ( Choices 1) Physical therapy is a type of treatment for the body. It uses such physical means as cold, heat and exercises to help patients. PT’S (physical therapist) help patients heal, fell better, gain strength and regain ussage of body parts. Some of the day to day duties of PT’S is administering treatment involving application of physical objects such as ultra sound machines, ultra violet infrared lamps, heat packs, and moist packs. PT’S also apply massage techniques, body physiology and relieve pain by using traction equipment. They also help and insist patients by exercises and other supportive devices. (Choices 1)

Working conditions for a physical therapist are quite similar to a doctor. They work 40 standard hours plus some evenings and weekends. Physical therapy can take place anywhere there is room for the equipment. Most of the time PT’S work in hospitals. In addition to hospitals, work is also found in homes, schools. and adult care centers. Physical strength and fitness is a requirement for anyone who wants to be a PT. PT’S kneel, stoop, bend, lift, crouch and stand for long periods of time. Physical therapist also lift patients, aiding them in turning, walking or standing as well as moving heavy equipment. (Choices 2; Bridges 2)

Personal requirements for a physical therapist include social, realistic and investigative traits. They also need to be patient and easy going. To be a PT a bachelor’s degree is needed. However, in the year 2001 a master’s degree will be required. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, it’s recommended that volunteer work be done. Volunteer work can be found at hospitals were PT’S work or volunteering for sports teams were PT’s work as well.

PT’s make between $577 and $1,055 a week. Their average income is $51,000 and can go as high as $100,000. There are some benefits that come with a PT’S job, for instance, hospitalization, life insurance, pension plans and paid vacation. However, these all differ from company to company. (Bridges 2)

The Arizona outlook for PT’S is increasing each year. There are already 90,000 physical therapists in the United States alone. From 1996 to 2006, the growth rate will increase 92%. Due to the fact that their will always be hurt people the need for physical therapist will always exist.

The field of physical therapy is growing in today’s world. It would be a pleasure to work with patients to help them with their problems. Therefore a physical therapist should be someone who cares about helping others over come their problems.


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