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Bueller, Ferris Bueller Essay, Research Paper

Bueller, Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller s Day Off was released in the summer of 1986, and was a mild box office

success. However, in the years following its release Ferris Bueller s Day Off has grown into a

contemporary American movie classic. The basic premise is that Ferris Bueller is the brilliant

kid who knows just how far he can push parents, teachers and computer technology. Ferris

decides that the sun is shining, he needs a day off, and his best friend Cameron needs a day off

worse than he does. Ferris elaborate schemes lead him and his friends on an adventure around

downtown Chicago, and in the end everything works out according to plan. What is truly

amazing is that every aspect of the movie works just as well as Ferris plans. To really appreciate

this movie you have to look at it in three different areas. John Hughes not only wrote an original

and entertaining script, but he also brought his vision to the screen as director on Ferris Bueller s

Day Off. The acting is the second area, John Hughes wrote very interesting characters, but he

also picked perfect supporting actors to complement Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller. The

last area is its impact it has had on our society.

“Ferris Bueller” was directed by John Hughes, the philosopher of adolescence, whose

credits include 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It could

be argued that Hughes was the king of high school movies. Virtually all of his works dealt with

teenagers and the issues that they face. Ferris Bueller s was one of Hughes first comedies, and it

is the most original movie about high school that has ever been made. There wasn t a movie like

it before it was made, and since many attempts have been made to recapture what Ferris Bueller s

brought to the table. Unfortunately, that is impossible. A big part of Ferris Bueller s magic was

the originality of Hughes vision. He looked at teenagers and high school life from a completely

new perspective. Hughes created a world were everything worked out for the hero, and

everyone can identify with that. Hughes innovative writing and directing would have made any

cast shine, but Hughes also succeeded in picking a cast that was perfect for their roles.

It may be attributed to John Hughes ability as a director, but from the star in Matthew

Broderick to the smallest part in Mr. Rooney s secretary the entire cast delivered outstanding

performances. There couldn t be a better actor to portray the title character than Matthew

Broderick. He is the only actor that could be believable as the teenager who can outsmart any

adult. He pulls the wool over his parents eyes, torments a restaurant maitre d, and stays one

step ahead of his arch-nemesis, Principal Edward Ronnie. Every good hero needs an equally

good villain. Jeffery Jones provides that villain as Mr. Rooney. Jones has his role as the evil

principal perfected. Even though Ferris plays many cruel tricks on him, Jones makes it

impossible to feel sorry for him. Possibly the best performance was turned in by Alan Ruck as

Ferris best friend Cameron Fry. He is Ferris s complete foil. Cameron is timid, and most of all

unable to deal with the pressures of being a teenager. Ruck not only convinces the audience, but

himself that he is ill. Ruck also delivers the most dramatic scene in the film when he has a huge

confrontation with a 1961 Ferrari GT California. He really is able to express the distance

between himself and his father. As Ferris girlfriend Mia Sara is very believable. Her role

wasn t the most trying, but her role in the movie shouldn t be under estimated. She was able to

contribute a different perspective on Ferris than most could. One of the few people to have a

negative views of Ferris we see is from his sister, Jeannie, played by Jennifer Grey. Few

actresses could have portrayed Jeannie in the same way. Even though she was at odds with the

protagonist, the audience still felt sorry for her. Grey almost convinced the audience that maybe

Ferris shouldn t be able to get away with everything. These main characters all delivered

outstanding performances, but the smaller roles may have been just as important. Mr. Rooney s

secretary delivered some of the funniest moments in the entire movie. Could anyone else made

sniffing white-out so convincing and hysterical. Another well done bit part was the maitre d at

Chez Luis. That depiction of a snooty head waiter was amazing. He delivered one of the

most famous lines in film history: I weep for the future. The last performance that deserves

noting is the ones done by Ferris s parents. They both helped to illustrate one of the main themes

of the movie. They showed how out of touch some adults can be with teenagers. When Ferris

mom had no clue how many days he had missed this fact was painfully obvious. All these actors

were at their best in this movie, and they all helped to make this movie great. These

performances and the writing/directing of John Hughes all added to the impact of Ferris Bueller s

Day Off.

At the very least there are a lot of worse ways for a person to spend 103 minutes of their

life. However, I would like to think of this movie as a lot more. On its most basic level, it is a

very entertaining comedy. The situations that Ferris gets himself into would be frightening if

they happened to you, but are comical when they happen to someone else. The scenes in both the

stock exchange and art museum were so odd a person can t help but laugh out loud. To many

this movie was much more than entertaining. A lot of high school students have used Ferris

Bueller s Day Off as a guide on how to get through high school while maintaining their sanity.

The movie shows that while we may not be able to live life like Ferris, but we have to make sure

we don t end up as tightly wound as Cameron. Another side affect of this movie, was the effect

it had on class cutting by high school students. Cutting class has always been around, but it

became an epidemic after this film s release. It also had an effect on the way schools delt with

this problem. Their policies became much harsher after Ferris big day. An unexpected part of

this movie is the unique social commentary. All throughout the opening scenes Ferris offers his

views on many issues. Among other things Ferris says, I don t believe in -isms, I just believe in

me. This was a welcomed and unexpected part of a movie about high school students. All these

factors combine to present a movie that works on almost all levels. That is why it is so appealing

to so many people of different types.

Ferris Bueller s Day Off may not be an Oscar award winning movie or a critics choice,

but it is one of the best movies to come out of the eighties. The script was completely original

and funny. John Hughes wrote that amazing script and brought it to the screen in a fresh way.

The actors Hughes choose for his film all fit perfectly into their roles and delivered performances

that brought their characters to life. The impact this film had on all that saw it was wide ranging

and lasting. It changed the way kids looked at high school and entertained everyone else. It is a

true testament to this movie is that a high school student is still writing about it 15 years after it

was released. Whether you liked the movie or not you can t diminish how it inspired generations

of teenagers. After watching this film a person gets a certain feeling of confidence that is hard to

explain. Perhaps Ferris says it best, The question isn’t ‘what are we gonna do,’

the question is ‘what aren’t we gonna do.