Nato 2 Essay Research Paper The North

Nato 2 Essay, Research Paper

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was first formed in 1949 as a counter measure to the communist expansion in Europe. At the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Union did not liberate the recovering countries, but turned them all communist. These European countries were known as the “buffer zone” as they separated the Soviet Union from the rest of the western European countries. The Soviet Union had become a communist threat to the rest of Europe and North America. NATO was formed as a military alliance so when one of the member nations were attacked it was considered an attack on all of the members in the alliance. This alliance was a means for collective crisis management and peacekeeping in Europe. The alliance focused on a collective defence to bring about the peace and stability throughout Europe. Lately, NATO’s role has changed as the crisis in Kosovo has brought up much controversy about their actions around the world. There is much tension between the Serbs and the Albanians in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo. The Albanians are caught in the forefront of the province’s struggle for independence. As Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslav leader, backs the Serbs in trying to force the Albanians out of the province, he is willing to use violence to take the Albanians’ land away from them. The Serbs being the minority population of the province feel that they have the right to take the land, as it is sacred Serbian territory. NATO had come to the rescue to help stop the Serbs from taking any more land and hurting innocent people. As a result NATO has been bombing Kosovo, trying to force Milosevic to sign peace agreements. Some Canadians believe that Canada is taking the wrong actions in Kosovo by damaging property that will take a number of years to repair from the bombs. Our actions are risks to our own military as this crisis could back fire and Canada would have to send ground troops in risking the lives of our soldiers. The actions that are presently taking place in Kosovo are considered by many to be inappropriate actions for Canada, as Canada is known for its peacekeeping. On the other hand, other Canadians believe we have made the right decision in order to stop Milosevic from continuing with his plans to eliminate the Albanians from Kosovo. Canada must maintain its role with the other NATO allies in order to eliminate opposing forces. In doing this, Canada should terminate the destruction of innocent Albanians in Kosovo, to ensure stability in Europe by building peaceful co-existence among the countries. If Slobodan Milosevic is not stopped the world could see a similarity between the actions of Milosevic and Adolf Hitler in World War Two.

It is essential for Canada to take such a role in the present Kosovo crisis as it insures the stability in Europe. There has been over a decade of repression for the ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo as the province of Yugoslavia struggles for their independence. The young Albanians used passive resistance to try and force change within this province. Over the years both the Serbs and the Albanians have been fighting over the ownership of this land. While the Serbs claim this land to be their “Jerusalem”, the Albanians claim that the land is a historical region. In Kosovo after the Second World War the Serb leadership offered incentives for Serbs to settle in Yugoslavia. The ethnic Albanians in Kosovo still remained the second-class citizens and many of their rights were curtailed. The NATO military alliance has brought previous victory to ensure the stability of Europe by air strikes to this same province. When Bosnia collapsed into war in 1992, NATO air strikes forced the warring sides to the negotiating table in 1995. Canada must continue contributing to the NATO actions as it keeps stability in Europe.

Slobodan Milosevic can not be trusted by other nations and must be stopped before he can become a larger threat to the rest of the world. The Kosovo crisis could be very similar to World War Two if Milosevic is not stopped. At the beginning of the Second World War, many nations did not keep a united front. In the meantime, Hitler had time to create a more powerful army. He was able to strengthen his power when all the other countries backed off because of appeasement. If Canada and the rest of NATO are not careful they could see the same results if not worse then in the Second World War. NATO had to step in with its powerful collective military to stop Milosevic before he has time to strengthen his power. Canada as well as all the member nations must unite together to form one powerful military alliance and stop Milosevic.

Canada and NATO must terminate the destruction of innocent Albanians in Kosovo. When Milosevic first came to power in 1987 he re-ignited Serb nationalist passions in Kosovo. The Albanians in Kosovo faced increasingly tough repression from Serb Special Police and army units. There were several hundred ethnic Albanians were beaten in police custody and mysterious circumstances. Since Milosevic has come into power more than 2000 have been killed and 300 000 Albanians have been from their homes. When Milosevic attempted to crush KLA in a brutal late-summer campaign, NATO stepped in with bomb threats. Between 1992- 1995 the hundreds and thousands mostly Muslims were “ethnically cleansed” in some Serb-controlled areas. The killing of the innocent Albanians and forcing them out of their homes and their country by Milosevic is morally wrong. Canada and NATO must continue its actions in Kosovo to save innocent Albanian lives.

Canada must maintain its role with NATO until they can force Slobodan Milosevic to the negotiating table. Canada has a good reputation by helping in times of war. Canada has always been to the aid of other countries in trouble. This is an appropriate role for Canada as they are saving many lives, keeping Europe stable, and putting a stop to Slobodan Milosevic’s cruel intentions for the province of Yugoslavia.