StrengthTraining Exercises Essay Research Paper The Harvard

Strength-Training Exercises Essay, Research Paper

The Harvard Medical School Faculty.

Strength-Training Exercises

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(2000 Nov. 09)

The article starts off by talking about how strength training benefits a person physically and mentally. Strength Training can help build your physique and overall cardiovascular. It also helps to boost your mood, your morale, and thinking. The article goes into detail about how to begin strength training. You should have a medical exam to make sure that there is no underlying health problems or any existing medical conditions that can be aggravated or affected by strength training. You should start off with a simple strength-training regimen that takes as little as fifteen minutes, twice a week. Strength training will in turn help to prevent age-related decline in muscle mass, to prevent osteoporosis, and to increase the rate of fat loss and enhance mobility. This in turn will help to make it easier to participate in aerobic exercise and other sports. The article details four different exercises that will help to get you started. Two are for the lower body and two are for the upper body. The first one that is mentioned is the dumbbell squat or leg extension machine; the next one is the dumbbell lunge or leg curl machine. Then the dumbbell chest press or chest press machine and the dumbbell row or lat pull-down machine are mentioned. The article tells how to do the exercises that are mentioned. This article is very helpful if you are trying to learn how to begin a program for strength training.

Even though I found this article very informative I was already acquainted with strength training before I read the article because I played basketball and I was on the marching band. I had to learn how to strengthen myself before I could even participate in any sport or activities that were very physical. I thought that the article was very accurate because I remember doing the same exercises and taking the same precautions before starting to exercise. I recommend that if someone that wants to start strength training, they should read this excellent article and actually use the information given. The results may not be immediate but in the long run strength training will be a helpful part of any lifestyle.