Communication 2 Essay Research Paper The Essentials

Communication 2 Essay, Research Paper

The Essentials of Cellular Service

Everywhere you go these days, the mall, the store, in your car, you can guarantee

yourself that you will see someone with a cellular phone in their ear. The one piece of

technology that is used by almost everyone these days is cellular communication. This

technology is used by everyone; businesses, families, both international and domestic.

Unfortunately, some people feel that this technology is too expensive, or not an necessity

to them. Those who think this miss out on one of many great inventions, and its benefits;

but as a cellular provider representative, I can tell you how affordable, and how essential

cellular service can be, as well as demonstrate the ways to find which service is right for


I deal with many individuals everyday who come to me for cellular service.

However, many come with different restrictions or limitations; whether it is a matter of

cost, credit issues, or even computer literacy. Fortunately there is an option for each and

everyone of these issues. There are options such as Sprint PCS, for local users, Verizon

for long distance and traveling, and TracFone prepaid for those with credit issues. For

those who are looking for a local service, I recommend Sprint. There are no contracts,

they have very economic plans, and a variety of affordable PCS phones. Verizon is quite

costly, but its good for its coverage. They do require a one year service agreement,

however they are excellent for the coverage of ninety four percent of the United States.

Some considerations for deciding which service is right for you depends on

personal preference. Use as well as where the person will call is important. Some call

long distance often, as to where some talk their heads off and might as well be glued to

the phone. For the long distance user, Verizon would be a strong recommendation.

Verizon has single rate plans which include free long distance and free roaming,

anywhere in the country. On the other hand, if you live locally, and have the tendency to

use up a lot of minutes, then Sprint s 29.99 for 500 minutes would be what you may

want. its a low monthly cost, and has a substantial amount of minutes. And in

comparison to Verizon, the variety of phones is vast. There are phones that start from

79.00 to 249.99, depending on which features you would need; such as voice activation,

long lasting battery, wireless web capability, and so on. Price is definitely a

consideration, but it should not be the deciding factor.

Another factor is what can you use the phone for. If your stuck along side the road

at early hours in the day, and you need to call for help, you can do so with your cellular

phone. If you need to keep in touch with your family, Sprint has family plans which you

can have multiple phones on an account, and share a large amount of minutes. Business

executives will always need a cellular phone. To call the office, check stocks, receive

phone calls regarding multi-million dollar decisions.

Not only price and use are elements of a cellular purchase, but quality and

satisfaction received by owning a cellular product. I ve heard people say that Sprint has

poor service, or that Verizon s one year contract is an inconvenience, but as I said earlier,

most of it is personal preference. I a Sprint customer. I like my service, but I know others

who strongly disagree and come into my workplace and tell me they want another

company. If y like a certain manufacturer of a phone, hen a certain service may have a

certain phone. Take for instance my phone. I have a Denso Touchpoint 2200. I like

Sprint , yes, but I also like the service because they are the only provider with the Denso

Touchpoint. Once again, personal preference wins. Choosing a cellular phone is simple,

however choosing the company that you are comfortable with is a challenge. For Some,

customer service is important. My computer, for example is made by Micron Inc.

Because of their excellent customer service, I ve been a loyal Micron customer for over

six years. To me, and for other as well, customer service and the corporate bond is very


As I said earlier, its not the price, but the quality and satisfaction gained from that

product. For many people, cellular service may not be for them, but it is a very feasible

option for the people in the United States. Cellular communication can be easy if you ant

it to be. It can be safe, not only for your pocket, but your mental state of mind. Keep the

thought that it is mostly personal preference that makes the decision for cellular service.

Besides, the only person who should tell you how to talk, should