Welfare Reform Essay Research Paper Title Welfare

Welfare Reform Essay, Research Paper

Title: Welfare ReformCategory: otherDescription:Body of paper: Welfare is a subject that many people can not agree on. It is one of the most debated topics in almost every political campaign because of it s great importance to the American public. Bill Clinton offered his view on the subject in his 1992 speech “Ending Welfare as We Know It”. In it he outlines his plan to end welfare and create a program to train people to do jobs. Teresa McCrary is a welfare mom who opposes Clinton s plan. She wrote “Getting Off the Welfare Carousel” which she use to demonstrate the fact that welfare is the only choice for some people. This paper will present the two articles and I will state my opinion based on the facts represented. Bill Clinton in his 1992 speech to the Governors Association outlined the Family Support Act which he supports in his quest to end the current welfare system. Clinton feels that many on welfare could go out an make there own living if presented the opportunity. He feels that if someone works 40 hours per week that they should not be living at a poverty level. His plan was based on four points that he found to be most important in improving the system. First, individuals on welfare would be given a two you training program and when completed would have to go find a full time job. Clinton feels like that training will allow people to get the pay and benefits necessary to live comfortably. Second, Clinton wants to pass legislation that will give tax breaks to those with low incomes. The Third step is to set up databases to crackdown on deadbeat parents. An estimated 15 million children have parents who could pay child support and don t. Finally, Clinton want to use experimentation to help people get off welfare. He states that there are many excellent ideas may be very successful if only implemented. Teresa McCrary takes a completely different view. She is a single mother and says that welfare is her best option because of her child. She claims that child care and health benefits cost so much that her whole paycheck would be wiped out immediately. Therefore, she chooses to stay on welfare at home because she gets health benefits and does not have to have child care. She feels ending welfare would be devastating to millions of single parents. She opposes Clinton s two year training program because it will still leave her with a low paying job. She writes that they will be told at the end of the two years to find a job or lose their benefits . McCrary also points to the fact that collected back child support is held by the states and children never see it. McCrary isn t proud that she is on welfare, but she feels it is her only way.

I personally agree with some points in both Clinton s and McCrary s views. I think that it is very difficult for single mothers to live because of the cost of health care and child care. I agree with McCrary that at this point it is her only option, but that is the only things I agree with philosophy. I support Clinton s plan because it is a way off showing people that they can make it on their own and don t have to rely on others to support them. I feel that the two year vocational program is an excellent idea because it will provide people with specific training to do a job that can make them a descent living. I also agree with Clinton s plan to crack down on deadbeat parents because there is no excuse to not pay child support. Welfare is a very touchy subject and Clinton and McCrary both raised logical defense and presented them in a very clear way. Welfare may never become the perfect way to help those in need, but hopefully leaders can work together. If politicians and citizens can put away their egos a plan could be worked out that will be beneficial to all. Although some should receive benefits there is others that perhaps are just playing with the system. If we can separate the issues we can have a plan that will truly be fair to all. This paper was written by paul and they can be reached at pda4@hotmail.com.