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James D Watson Essay Research Paper James

James D. Watson Essay, Research Paper

James watson was born in Chicago, Illinois on april 6th, 1928. he went to school for eight years and went to high school for two years. Then he received a tuition scholarship to the university of chicago , and went there for four years . in 1947 , he received a b.s.c DEGREE IN ZOOLOGY. HIS INTEREST WAS IN BIRDWATCHING , BUT LATER , HE GOT MORE INTERESTED IN GENETICS . AFTER HE HAD EARNED MANY EDUCATION RELATED DEGREES IN DIFFERENT SUBJECTS , HE STUDIED THE EFFECT OD X-RAYS ON BACTERIOPHAGE MULTIPLICATION . FROM 1950 TO 1951 , HE WORKED IN COPENHAGEN AS A MERCK FELLOW . HE LATER MET MAURICE WILKINS AND SAW THE X-RAY DIFFRACTION PATTERN OF CRYSTALLINE DNA . THIS MADE HIM VERY INTERESTED AND HE THEN CHANGED THE DIRECTION OF HIS FUTURE . HE THEN STARTED WORK ON THIS MATERIAL . LATER , HE LEARNED LOTS MORE CONCERNING DNA , AND THIS LEAD TO A FAMOUS FUTURE FOR HIM . James Watson WAS commended AND STILL IS COMMENDED because of one huge reason : He and Francis crick discovered the structure of dna . at the time , in 1950 , he was racing with maurice wilkins , rosalind Franklin , and linus pauling to unleash the true structure of dna . in particular , they were trying to figure out that dna was a molecule in which two strands made up a tightly linked pair with the help of bases : adenine bonded with thymine , and guanine bonded with cytosine . they called this a double helix . after they had proved this in 1953 , they were awarded a noble prize 9 years later in 1962 .

6 years later , James taught at harvard and cal tech . he has made many large contributions to the understanding of the genetic code . He then became the director of the cold springs harbor laboratory of quantitative biology , in new york state . james watson wrote the double helix in 1968 , the story of how he discovered the structure of dna. watson helped the human genome project at the national institutes of health by mapping the sequence of dna from 1988 to 1992 . he then guided the human genome project

through the argument regarding genetic research . he tried to make a full directory of the genetic code of the human species . he had to find the right combination of 50,000 to 100,000 different genes . if he could prove this , it could result in many cures to people with disorders regarding genetics . the human genome project was thought to be the most determined project in interest of biology . james watson left the human genome project at the national institutes of health in 1992 after he felt he had contributed enough toward them . he then became the president of the cold harbor laboratory in 1994 . with the knowledge of all the things he introduces, james watson wanted to share what he knew by writing some books about what he and crick discovered . Modern biology would differ greatly if james watson and francis crick , two very determined biologists had not revealed the structure of dna . Universities and governments everywhere have thought of james watson as a recognizable man and awarded him with degrees and all kinds of awards . he has written many famous books that tell about how he discovered the structure of dna . he wrote his best selling book Double helix, and also wrote : the dna story, molecular biology of the gene, molecular biology of the cell and recombinant dna : a short course .

watson has always been an argumental beingwhen concerning biology . james watson has either been an inspiration in biology or he has been a strong leader for every reason . he is known as the ” infant terrible ” of molecular biology . he has also been reprehended for being inconsiderate socially , politically , or morally involving the human genome project .

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