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Antigone Essay, Research Paper


This play is a tragedy that was written several centuries ago by a

well known man named Sophocles. Sophocles was born in Athens about 496 – 406

B.C. He is regarded as one of the world’s greatest playwrights, and his plays have

had many enduring influence on many other writers (Shakespeare). During his

life he wrote an immense amount of plays. Sophocles wrote 100 plays and only

seven have survived till this day. He received first place many times in

competitions that judged the plays that were performed in the Dionysian festivals,

a celebration in which the Athenians held to honor their god of wine. Although

he was born 2,500 years ago, his plays have some similarity to todays society. As

some see it the conflict between Antigone and Creon is as representative of the

conflict between conscience and authority.

In this tragic story Haimon was intelligent in the way he spoke to

his father. He complemented his father by saying, “You are may guide. You make

things clear for me, and I obey you. No marriage means more to me than your

continuing wisdom.” These words made Creon proud of having a son like

Haimon. After complimenting his father Haimon begged Creon to let Antigone go

free. Creon denied his request, because of Haimon’s actions Creon said to him

“You’ll never marry her while she lives,” and called upon the guards to bring

Antigone out to be killed in front of Haimon’s eyes. Haimon said to Creon that

if she dies her death will cause another. Haimon lefted saying to his father that

he will never see his face again.

Haimon was not listened to because he was young. His father

thought, he is young what can he know. Haimon proofed his father wrong about

not knowing anything after the argument they had. They argued about what

Antigone had done was not wrong. Haimon said to his father, “She covered her

brother’s body. She kept him from dogs and vultures. Is this a crime?” These

words made Creon keep in silence for a while.

Haimon had a passionate side kind of like Romeo’s. He

demonstrated his love for Antigone several times. From the time of the war

between the two brothers, until the doom of

both lovers. When everything came to chaos Creon tried to reverse all the things

he had done to change the outcome of things. When the time came to release

Antigone, there next to her lied Haimon dead. He probably still had feelings for

her. To him death did not mean a thing as long as they continued to be together

in eternity.

Intelligence, not distinguished and passion were only three of the

factors that made Haimon

the character he is. Haimon looked like the kind of person who could handle

himself in a tough situation. This was good because he was next in line for the

position of king. It is a sham things had to end the way they did because

Haimon was honest and knew of most of things that went around the kingdom.

He knew about the rumors that went around the kingdom and also, how to deal

with them.