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Homosexuality Essay, Research Paper


Dan Carnevale

Homosexuality, a moral issue that is all around us nowadays. The moral issues would be that the Bible shows opposition to homosexuality. This can be shown in Leviticus 18:24-25. ?Having forbidden all unlawful marriage, and all unseenly practice, and the union of women with women and men with men?? He then continues on to say ?And the land was polluted, and I have recompensed [their] iniquity upon it?? Clearly the first quote has the forbidding stated illuminatedly. The second shows a pejorative attitude for it, especially with a word like iniquity, which means wickedness. The who, what, where, when, why and how questions can all be answered in due time and perspective as follows.

What are the issues concerning it? The issues concerning it are plentiful. From rights still to be achieved, to adopting children, to freedom of racism and harmful acts. There are many good strives being made for homosexuals as Newsweek describes, ??More couples are having or adopting children, and so engaging in the civic life of schools, day care centers and sports leagues. Employers are increasingly extending health benefits to same-sex partners.? Those are some of the issues that have been taken note of and dealt with in a favorable manner. A dark side there is to this. Again, Newsweek explains, ?Last week California passed Proposition 22, becoming the 31st state (Colorado will soon become the 32nd). These are key losses in what has become one of the most contentious fronts of the gay rights movement.? Homosexuals are still ruled out in job opportunities. For example from Time, one can see, ? A California state court chose not to reinstate a scout leader who was kicked out [of the boy scouts of America] because he was gay.?

Who is involved? Every single person in the world is involved. Every person?s action has an effect, whether that effect is small or large. People often put their personal biases above everything else. Sticking to a tradition for reasons of custom as oppose to thinking of the general view of the topic is self-centered. For reason of obscuring one?s own self-discomfort in thought, over realizing that making hundreds of thousands of people happy is wrong. People may feel that homosexuality, in general is a morally wrong thing, and therefore it is right to strongly oppose it. People often misconstrue moral values and confuse themselves and not take time to think on what would be a morally right decision. By supporting homosexuality, or even begin indifferent, it helps eliminate any sort of negative attitude which may exist and creating a gap between social fields of homosexuality and heterosexuals.

When has this been happening? Homosexuality has been happening ever since male saw male and female saw female. It may be nature to have a propensity towards one sex. And one should not force upon them, something that is not true. If that inclination is there, the person should go with what makes them happy. The early 60?s and 70?s saw rights movements, but it has not been until recently that laws have been enforced. Not until a few years ago were homosexuals put on television. Still prepositions are being passed against homosexuality rights. This is the year 2000, haven?t we learned from

Dan Carnevale

African Americans and women that everyone deserves their rights and they will fight for them until they get them. When will it stop, the racism, probably never, the laws, soon? We will all one day be equal.

Where is it happening? All over the world it is happening. It seems to be a problem with every culture and every religion in one way or another. Well there is not much there to this question? moving on.

Why should we know about it? We should know about it, because the child you give birth to may be homosexual, your friend may be homosexual, and most importantly, everyday good-hearted people are homosexuals. To berate and deny people rights they deserve is wrong. Most people know about it, there just needs to be more action taken on it.

How can we stop it? We can all make an effort to persuade or state officials to rebuke these laws of anti-gay acts. To make a difference we have to all collaborate and have our government hear what we have to say. The power lies in the people.

Some possible consequences could be riots or protests if something doesn?t happen. Most likely, something will happen to change to fi the ideals of the homosexual voters. Some alternatives would be not to give them rights but just to not pass any ant gay rights. This way no one gets upset and everyone has their rights.

Overall it is clear that the majority of the population is moving forward in eliminating any injustices about homosexuality and to create equality amongst every human being no matter what.

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