Similarities And Differences Of Rome And Usa

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Similarities and Differences of Rome and USABy: Bob Smith There are many similarities and differences between Rome and the USA. A lot of the Romans and the Americans every day life were similar. The government and the way they were run were similar. The way that both countries were established is similar also. Although there are a lot of similarities, there are differences in the religion of these two countries. The Americans and the Romans religion were somewhat different. In their society they had many gods. Some of these gods were Jupiter, Janus, Mars, and Venus. For the most part, Americans believe in one god, but there are exceptions. The Americans and the Romans everyday life were very similar. They both were very hard working societies. Until recently in the US, it was believed that the father was the most powerful person in the house. This was true in a typical Roman household. Also, until recently technological advances, both the Americans and Romans lead pretty simple everyday lives. These two governments almost mirrored each other in the way they were developed. Like the Americans early civilization, the Romans were also created through another group settling somewhere else. The Etruscans settled around the Latins and introduced many new things to them. They introduced the toga, arch, column, religion, and the gladiator fights. This is similar to what the English did to the Natives in America when they came over from Europe. The Romans are famous for the laws and good politicians that they produced. The Americans are also known for their democratic laws and well, sometimes good politicians. The Romans had a similar type of government that the Americans have. They had a republic were they voted on people to make laws and handle foreign affairs. The Americans got a lot of their political structure from these Romans.

Like the Americans they also had to compromise a lot when establishing their government. The Romans were split into two groups. The Plebeians were the commoners and everyday people. The Partricians were the nobles. The Plebeians had several grievances against the Partricians. They said the laws of Rome must be written, they said they were upset that the Partricians dominated the courts, intermarriage between the groups was not allowed, and there was still enslavement for debt. These were the issues they had to deal with when they were compromising. The compromise created the Plebeians power to veto and abolished debt enslavement. If I had to choose which society is better I guess I would have to choose the Americans. This is mainly because of the technology, because with out the spell check technology I would have never been able to get through this essay. Other than some of the technology and religion I don t see much difference from the two societies. They pretty much have the same government that we have today, and they pretty much face some of the same everyday problems that Americans face today.