US And Greece Differences And Similarities In

U.S And Greece: Differences And Similarities In Education Essay, Research Paper

U.S and Greece: Differences and Similarities in Education

Jo Smith

There are many differences and similarities in education in Greece and

The United States of America today. The differences, which there are many of,

are focused on the different ideas of what is important in our different

countries. The similarities are basic in an education and to have a successful

country which both do have to be the same.

Greece and the U.S. have only four major similarities which are common

to a good education. First, both have students that go to school until the age

of 18 with the exception of college now. Second, both countries make students

learn about music, have physical training, and learn to read and write. Later

on in the Greek society, poor and rich students all went to school and all men

soon learned to read and write.

There are many differences in the two different civilizations and

probably due to the difference of time. There are about ten major differences

between the two counties. First, the poor looked as an extra child in the

family, and extra child to feed and give an education so could be abandoned or

not given an education. The rich also didn’t want to spend the money on the

child’s education and would be very selfish. Girls stayed home to cook, weave,

do art, and to learn to run the house because of the male dominated culture.

Only the boys went to school, and at first the rich boys only went to school.

Only men learned to read and write. All schools were private schools and

family’s would have to pay the school expenses for the education. They believed

music was necessary and they had a high value on physical fitness which the U.S.

doesn’t. For people who could not afford school they would train in the city to

be a soldier.

The schools in Greece and in The United States of America both have a

great impact on the success of the country’s. Even though they both are very

different they both were affective. Congress or Socrates and Kings of Greece,

it doesn’t matter, they both thought of good education for their country’s.

Greece thrived in Ancient times as did China and succeeding them in modern times

the U.S. and what they all had in common was a good education for there people.