The Ultimate Pet A Pet Rock Essay

The Ultimate Pet: A Pet Rock Essay, Research Paper

The Ultimate Pet: A Pet Rock

Ryan Lewis

A pet rock can be as comforting to me as any canine or feline. Some

would believe that a man’s best friend is a dog. However, living in a confined

two bedroom apartment, I do not have the luxury or permission for a forty pound

dog to be plopping around. This is why I have found comfort in my pet rock. A

pet rock can replace many of the duties, such as a companionship, I can get

from a pet dog or cat.

When I go shopping for a pet, I look for the appropriate size and color

to meet my needs. Some people like big animals, some small. Some animals come

in black, brown, white, yellow; yet some are spotted. The same goes for my rock.

When I went “shopping” for my rock, I didn’t want one too small, for it would

get lost like a gerbil. I didn’t want one too big like a Labrador, for I would

trip over it every time I walked into the room. I needed a pet the size of a

fat barn cat, like the ones back home in northeast Iowa.

On my walk to the river before I left for college, I found many rocks

within my size range. I couldn’t decide which one I should pick, but then on

the side of the muddy bank, partly submerged in the water, lay a shinny, sandy,

orange stone. It called out for me to pick it to take home instead of the

others, like a puppy does from a pet store window. When I held the rock in my

hands, I knew it was the one I wanted, and the rock that I needed.

Now as for a name. That was easy. How does one name his cat or dog,

bird or fish? Every pet has a name, so they’re not so hard to come with. I

picked “Sparky”.

Some people may be thinking, “A rock….what kind of a companion can a

rock be?” Just like a cat or dog, it will sit with me and listen to all of my

problems and worries. The rock won’t talk back or give unwanted advice. My

world feels like a better place after a conversation with my pet rock. Best of

all, he will love you no matter what words or force you put on him. All of

ones anxieties can be released.

A pet rock may have even more advantages than the common pet dog or cat.

There isn’t a toilet training process; it won’t eat my furniture or shed on my

couch. The rock won’t beg at the dinner table, fart when I have company, or

give my boss a slimmy kiss on his brand new pants. What more can you ask for in

a pet?

As well, a pet rock can do tricks too. It can sit and stay; it can

roll over if you give it a gentle kick; it can play dead and freeze.

The best thing about having a pet rock is that there aren’t any

veterinary bills, no food expenses, and the rock can’t breed, so there will

never be any “little” rocks laying around. Yes, dogs and cats are good pets,

but can’t a rock be a good pet too?