John Lennon Biography Essay Research Paper Shonn

John Lennon Biography Essay, Research Paper

Shonn Slivkoff

John Lennon


John Lennon, a singer, artist, guitar player, among many other things. What didn’t he accomplish in a lifetime? John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940, In Liverpool, England. When John was 4 years old his parents split up and John was sent to go live with his Aunt Mimi. As a child in school he was a prankster and enjoyed getting into lots of trouble all of the time. When he first to up the skill of drawing, he would sketch and draw crippled and deformed people. One reason for his obsession of drawing deformed and crippled people was from the death of his mother.

His teacher at school knew that he wasn’t getting good enough grades, so the teacher thought he would do a lot better at an art college. At the art college he met his first wife Cynthia Powell. He also met his best friend at the school named Stuart. He would call Cynthia,?Cyn?, and Stuart, ? Stu?. He got a lot better grades there and he made some very good sketches their.

His first band he was in was called the ,?Quarry Men?, and they would always play at school dances and special school occasions. Later he was introduced to Paul McCartney, and they both decided to get some more people to make a new band. So John asked George Harrison to be part of the band and George said yes. The Ringo Star came into the picture and they all made a famous band called,? The Beatles?. Paul McCartney made up the name from a dream he once had when he was 12 years old about a beetle. They were then discovered at a gig they were doing at a place called ,?The Cavern? by Brian Epstein. They were playing their song,?Love Me Do?. Around 1963, the Beatles were to receive an honor no other person, that wasn’t part of the royal family, had ever received. they were to be knighted by the Queen herself. Although this never happened they were still respected greatly by the Queen, and treated one step below how the knights were supposed to be treated.

Later on in life John divorced Cynthia to Marry Yoko Ono. The Beatles then broke up and went in their own separate ways. John then released his first solo album called,?Imagine?. In 1972 John gave a charity concert in Madison Square Garden on August 30th. In1973 he divorced Yoko Ono and became a drunk after their separation. He then realized he loved her and they got back together. John Lennon made a comment and he said? Christianity will fade and shrink, but we are more popular then Jesus?. After he made that comment the Youth of America broke out in rage. Many people broke and burnt the Beatles records. The Ku Klux Klan even threatened to kill the Beatles, but the KKK never followed through.

On October 9, 1975 Yoko gave birth to his second son Sean. After he was born John left the Music Industry for five years to raise his son and to be a husband. When he got back into the music career he was about to sell his new album, when he was shot in front of his apartment. He was rushed to the Hospital,but he died on December 8,1980. Many people looked up to Johns way of life, some wanted to be him, even if they hated him or not. To America he lived like a king.