Building A Computer Essay Research Paper Theodore

Building A Computer Essay, Research Paper

Theodore Ordon-Yaussi

English per 2

Mrs. Fuchs


Building a computer

Building a computer can be a useful skill in today’s world. It allows you to

help yourself get what you want and save some money. It’s also becoming a good

skill to have for work. You can help businesses build computers.

The first thing to do is to research what kind of computer you want. If you

just want to write documents, you will probably need a less powerful computer. If

you play games and/or design art you will want a more high-end computer. Once

you have decided what kind of computer you want, you should look up prices on

the Internet, ads, and local stores. A high-end will cost about $1200. You will save

about $800 if you bought it from a company.

The next step is buying the computer parts. You will need a CPU

(processor), ram, a video card, a sound card, a modem, a floppy disk drive, a cd-

rom, a monitor, a motherboard, a keyboard, a mouse, and a case(outside shell).

You can purchase these items from the Internet, ads, and stores. The better

products normally come from stores, but if you want a more low-end computer

you can buy the parts from other places. It is important that you look at the

compatibility of the parts in the computer.

The next step is putting the computer together. First you will need to put the

mother board in it’s proper places. Then you should put the floppy disk drive and

the cd-rom in their designated area. You should then put the other parts on their

proper place on the motherboard. You will then have to connect all the cords from

the motherboard to the cd-rom, disk drive, and all other cords. After that you

should turn your computer on and install your cd-rom from the software you got

from the package. After that you should install your operating system (windows).

You should then be able to go into windows and install all of the hardware.

Building a computer isn’t exactly easy or cheap. There are some things that

may require experience to put together. In the end, you will end up saving time and

money. It is a good skill to learn and master for your self and for business.