Electronic Music Essay Research Paper ELECTRONIC MUSIC

Electronic Music Essay, Research Paper


On the phone, with flier in hand, you listen anxiously to the pre-recorded

directions on the Mission Control rave hotline. This valuable information can

only be accessed on the day of the event, but now that this is out of the way,

it?s time to prepare. People of all ages, but mostly between the ages of 17

and 26, madly attack appropriate stores to purchase their necessary ?rave

gear.? They buy glow-sticks, glitter, dark glasses, sealed water, vicks vapo-rub,

other trinkets and outrageous, often striped clothing. True ravers would drive

for hours or fly to attend these worldwide conventions, and all share the same

drive. You finally arrive at your destination to find a warehouse located on the

outskirts of its respective city, with a large mob of people desperately trying

to get in. It?s about 12:00 midnight and all are mentally and physically

prepared to party for the next 9 or 10 hours straight, to finally emerge from

the doors to see daylight and non-ravers half way through their day.

The Webster dictionary defines ?rave? and ?techno? as?


: To move or advance violently: STORM: to utter in madness or frenzy

: To talk with extreme enthusiasm

: To declaim wildly

: An extravagantly favorable criticism?


: pop music featuring extensive use of synthesizers

In general practice, a ?rave? usually refers to a party, usually all

night long, open to the public, where loud ?techno? music is played and many

people partake in a number of different chemicals. The number of people at the

event is unimportant; it can range from 50 to 25000 people. The cost varies, but

is often 25 to 30 dollars and is usually held in a remote, and secluded part of

town. The ages of those who attend are concentrated between 17 and 26 but truly

range from 14 to 40 or 50 years old. It?s common to have several different

rooms playing different types of techno simultaneously. ?Techno? or

electronic music can be distinguished by its often lack of vocals, creation by

synthesizers or other electronic means and it?s unusually fast beat; ranging

from 115-170 BPM (Beats Per Minute), while commercial ?dance? music is

usually a maximum of 70 or 80 BPM. The first substantial piece of music composed

electronically was the Illiac Suite (1956) by the avant-garde composer Lejaren

Hiller (1925?94). Each room is equipped with a Dj, a set of two or more

turntables, walls of speakers located offset from the corners and impressive

visual effects: such as lasers and light shows.

The people that attend are dressed ultra alternatively. This consists of

comfortable yet creative attire. You would often see ravers wearing extremely

baggy pants, glow in the dark body suits, and ultimately any visually entising

clothing with similar accessories. Heads of hair are often dyed with unique

colors and faces are covered strategically with glitter and an assortment of

black make-up for a somewhat gothic look. All of these various forms of

expression, visual effects, the barrage of audio only compliment the few

chemicals used. Most members of the congregation use ecstasy in the form of

tablet or capsule and/or acid. The light display and outrageous costumes are

geared to act as a stimulus for the hallucinogen of the acid, but the music and

overall environment is geared to the ?mystifying? effects of ecstasy.

Ecstasy, the tablet or capsule, is a man made drug derived from a plant which

produces legal, herbal ecstasy in the form of a liquid or over the counter

tablets. Ecstasy is a combination of concentrated herbal ecstasy and speed or

heroin, cocaine, or crystal methane, but never containing a combination of the

last three mentioned. This particular drug is said to have little visual

effects, but more so physical effects. Your body starts to feel fluffy as the

energy produced from the speed kicks in. You almost uncontrollably start to move

to the beat of the music while the grinding of the teeth (from the speed) is

more noticeable. The severity of this grinding on your teeth is lessened by the

use of a baby pacifier. This allows you to grind on a soft rubber-like item

perfectly suited for the mouth rather than the hard enamel of the teeth.

Regardless, your jaw muscles will be sore. The more erotic effects of the drug

come from the concentrated herb. In a sense, it drastically amplifies your sense

of touch. Where a massage when sober feels like heaven, when on the drug a

massage feels more like true ecstasy, as the name would suggest. Once Vicks vapo-rub

is used, it offers a flurry of hot and cold flashes and lubrication to the

massage. Several pairs of ravers can be seen giving massages while, more often

than not, sitting at the base of either the surrounding walls or the walls of


Similar to most types of music, techno has an appropriate method of dancing,

but unlike most other forms of dancing, each individual dances alone. This

allows you to perform independently, and being the main activity, this also

allows you to demonstrate the extent of your talent. Dancers commonly use a pair

of glow-sticks like the one enclosed to enhance their abilities. One is placed

between the fingers of each hand. The most secure method would be under the

index and pinky finger and over the ring and middle finger. The fingers are then

curled downward. Normally the glow-stick glows brightly and comes in an

assortment of colors, nevertheless, this method allows the most illumination to

be seen. Now, these glow-sticks are carefully manipulated to create a

deliberate, constant flow of intricate patterns and color, making sure to

utilize all the space available about the body and maintaining rhythm with the

beat of the pulsating music.

The Dj?s play an important role in the ?Vibe? of the rave. They can

almost be considered a shaman or a high priest of the congregation. They control

the ?psychic voyages? of the dancers through his choice of continuous,

original music and their skill in manipulating it. I think the importance of the

music at a rave is somewhat comparable to that of the music in an American

Indian pow wow. In both cases the music helps one to fall into an alter state.

Music is generally considered as pleasurable, but the music at a rave, and the

ecstasy, help to form a sense of unity by sharing an emotion and a sense of

freedom. Yet, at the same time you are revered for your individuality. For

example, the more original and entising your dancing is congratulated by a

slapping of one of each persons? palms together, a pat on the back, verbal

gratification or simply a smile or nod. The people are very friendly, because

you seem to appreciate you for what you are rather than for what you are not.

This differs from the typical club environment.

The friendly, liberal attitudes of the ravers in conjunction with the dress,

dancing and overall layout allow me to conclude that traditional values and

behavior of society is rejected. Individuals can do almost anything in a rave as

long as it does not affect someone else. For example, I could strip down to my

boxer shorts and sit in the middle of the dance floor and even though it isn?t

done often, I can garauntee that it will be accepted. If I were to do a similar

thing in Crobar (a popular club in Miami), I would promptly be ridiculed, and

then removed from the premises. In the ritual of clubbing in Miami would not

accept this form of attitude. The ritual of raving seems to promote a more

liberal view. A view based on total freedom of expression. This is apparent by

my previous description. I have met a few ravers outside of the event and am

able to conclude that most of them are somewhat typical citizens. They abide by

the traditional values and behavior imposed by society, but use the rave to let

go and express themselves in a more flamboyant manner.

?Ritual is a patterned, repetitive, and symbolic enactment of a cultural

belief or value; its primary purpose is alignment of the belief system of

individuals with that of society.? With this in mind, we can now fathom the

idea that raving is a ritual. Raves can therefore be seen from an

anthropological view as a congregation of members of a sub-culture, sharing

similar emotions, beliefs, dress and behavior, all governed by techno music and

the Djs. They experience unity yet individuality, freedom of expression, and a

liberal environment, all simultaneously.