Escape Essay Research Paper SettingThe story Escape

Escape Essay, Research Paper

SettingThe story Escape by R.A. Montgomery takes place in the year of AD 2035. The place is in the country of Dorado. It first starts off in a maximum-security prison. The rest of the story takes place in the terrain of Dorado. There are many other little settings that are not important. ThemeIn this story (Escape) there are more than one theme. One of the themes is that don’t trust anyone when you are on the run. Another is plan ahead on your escape. There were only two obvious themes to this story. CharacterizationThere are two characters that should be put in characterization. The first one is Milma. She is the leader of the resistance in Dorado. She is in her early thirties. She is a tall, slim woman with long red hair. There is a bounty for her head. The other character is Matt. He is Milma’s bodyguard. He is also in his early thirties. He is a build tall man with short, curly blond hair. It is Matt’s responsibility to protect and safely get her out of Dorado.Plot Summary1. The spy leader breaks out of a maximum-security prison.2. After you escape you hide in a barn and meet Milma the resistance leader, her bodyguard Matt and a computer specialist named Haven.3. You are waiting at the small runway for your escape plane and there is no plane in sight.4. You decide to go back to town because it was too risky of being caught. 5. You go to Matt’s friend Julio’s house to stay safe.6. They decide to separate and meet at a safe house in Santa Fe. 7. Secret Agents come to Julio’s house to check for the fugitives but they get out in time. They are all out in the back alley when they realize that Haven is not with them.8. You and Matt go back to look for Haven.9. They look around the house for Haven but no sign.10. They go in the kitchen, there was no sound at all. They go in the living room and hear familiar voice say put your hands in the air. It was Haven. He was the Captain of the Secret Police.RecommendationI enjoyed the book Escape. I thought it was very good. It was a very unpredictable book. It kept me on the edge of my seat. If you like adventure books I recommend this book for you. Vocabulary1. Semidesert- partial desert terrain, more rainfall than modern desert.2. Hostile- of or pertaining to an enemy, feeling or showing enmity3. Rebellion- an uprising opposition intended to change or overthrow an existing government or ruling authorities.4. Imprisoned- To put in as if prison.5. Haphazard- Dependent upon or characterized by mere chance.6. Organization- The act of organizing or the process of being organized.7. Resistance- The act of resisting or the capacity to resist.8. Adobe- A sun-dried unburned brick of clay and straw.9. Intently- that which is intended aim purpose.10. Isolated- to separate from a group or whole and set apart.