Before An Earthquake Essay Research Paper Check

Before An Earthquake Essay, Research Paper

Check for dangers in the home:

? store breakable objects such as glass and china in low, and closed cabinets.

? repair any cracks in ceilings or foundations

? check electrical wiring and gas connections

? keep pesticides, weed killers, and other flammable in closed cabinets on the bottom shelves

Know where the safe spots are in every room:

? should be away from windows, mirrors, pictures, anywhere where glass could shatter, heavy bookcases, and heavy furniture

Make sure family members know what to do after the quake:

? know how and when to turn off the gas, electricity, and water

? teach kids how to phone 911, or fire department, and which radio station to tune to

Prepare and emergency kit with:

? flashlight and extra batteries

? portable radio and extra batteries

? first aid kit

? emergency food and water

? can opener

? medicines

? shoes

Emergency communication plan for:

? reuniting after the earthquake if family members are separated from one another

? ask a relative or friend as the “contact person” after the disaster. Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address, and the phone number of the contact person

During an earthquake:

If inside:

? take cover under a desk or against the wall and stay there

? don?t leave the building during the earthquake

If outside:

? Stay away from buildings, street lights, and overpasses

? stay there until the shaking stops

If driving:

? stop quickly and pull to the side of the road

? stay in the vehicle

? avoid bridges or ramps that are damaged by the quake once the shaking has stopped

If in a public area:

? do not panic

? move away from shelves

After an earthquake:

? be prepare for aftershocks

? don?t move seriously injured persons unless they need are in immediate danger

? listen to radio or television for the latest information

? stay our of damaged buildings

Checking for damage in your home:

Gas leaks:

? if you smell gas or hear a hissing or exploding noise, open a window and leave the building quickly

? call gas company to turn off the gas

? NEVER turn off the gas yourself unless you are a professional

Electrical system damage:

? if you see sparks, broken wires, smell hot insulation, turn off the electricity at the fuse box or circuit breaker

Sewage and water lines:

? don?t use the toilet if the sewage line is damaged

? call the water company if the water pipes are damaged