The Facts Of Life about Homosexuality Essay

The Facts Of Life [about Homosexuality] Essay, Research Paper

Why you might say, well its up in arms

what people think the real cause is, some say nature and others say nurture!

What is it ? Well Its all on how you look at it. Nature is the way god

made you and nurture is the way of there upbringing. From readings most

say its from the nature, quote from the gay male interviewed he said ”

from the time that I could remember I have always found my same sex more

attractive” so its hard to judge because he also said ” as I grew up as

a young child and played the tough guy sports that my older brother played,

I just could not play hard and physical like he did, also my family is

one known for there tough guy image so it may had some effect on my views

as a young one. ” So as the table turns there is times in ones life where

they see things that could have been a factor but really I believe its

from the start when they were born.

The definition for Gay reads “happy and

loving ” now why is it if these people are said to be loving and happy

why is it for society finding it so hard to accept and why does the gays

and lesbians have to hide from everyone else! “it was the most difficult

thing that I have ever had to do” said Steve and yes that was when he had

to tell his parents. Yes he could have not told his parents and kept it

a big secret but that is why today the Gay and Lesbian community is so

underground and that is because it is to hard for the parents, family,

friends and these are the people who make up our society and if the persons

family cant accept it then the community will have a harder time. Steve

also said ” its like having your life taken right from your hands when

the family refuse to talk to you”, and that has to be the hardest thing

that he has ever done to his family. But its natural he said when they

hear that news they start to think what have we done and I remember Steve

telling me the day he told his parents he said ” Chris I don’t think its

a great idea that we talk for a bit” I could not understand till he told

me his parents would not accept it and he not to talk to anyone of the

kids around him, they thought he was evil. As of today Steve is now talking

to his mother and father and both his sister and his brother, Steve said

” now the family knows I don’t care what they say or how they tell and

its made my life so much more enjoyable, because there is no more things

to hide!!! ” . The mental aspect about the Gays and Lesbian is the pressure

to “Coming out of the closet ” This is like putting all your cards on the

table because you have a chance of loosing everything (your friends and

family). Is this worth it? Do you think a gay person has the chance to

change back to a headeralsexual person again! Its is said to be a thing

you a born with or that’s what the gays and lesbians say. Its to my believe

that you can change some body back because the way I see it, its all like

a cult because when the said if your unsure of your sexuality it is easy

to defected to that of the sexuality being stressed. I believe its also

a brain wash system, because if you look ways back to 1900’s and even up

to the 1950,s there was no suck thing as the Gay and Lesbian community

it’s all been very well hidden or its a new thing maybe that is what it

is. Steve said ” I have known people who have been married for 20 years

and are now coming out” see this not what its about these people see the

live the gays and lesbians lead they think its fun and free well its just

the same as mine and your life we live said Steve, you wake up and go to

work then come home and then go to bed its all the same. So its to my knowledge

that its all in the mind its an experimental thing because Steve’s landlord

was once a lesbian and now she said she lives the life as a BI-sexual now

there how does a lady who only likes woman change to liking man again.

So how does she do its, I think its also a self esteem matter because I

believe it has to do when they were a kid or in teen years and had a bad

relationship with a girl and or didn’t always get to go out with the “good

looking ” girls so what do we say its all about.

The gay and Lesbian community is always

like to have the public now what there are all about. Now when they have

Gay pride days and want all of these things to happen to and for them it

seem not to fare to the heterosexual community because there is no pride

for them. Do you think that a gay pride is a good thing for the community,

its like when the K.K.K has a cross burning its all a plan to bring out

the ones who are shy or scared to come out in the open. I believe that

if people want to do things let them come out and do it on there own time.

The public does not want to be involved in the gay pride days because its

not to do with them they want to have them keep it to them self.

Sure its OK to like the same sex and have

feelings towards them, but its what you think and its not for the hole

community to have to deal with. The mind is made up of a lot of deferent

thoughts and it’s easy for someone to be brain washed and its not to hard

to UN-wash the brain and in my essay it’s shown in my essay it reads that

a friend of Staves was once a Lesbian female and now dates males and some

times goes with the same sex so this would make her a BI-sexual. The Gay

and Lesbian people are not different from you and I it’s what the media

makes them out to be sure it doesn’t seem cool but it’s what them think

is best for them and if makes them happy then its what is good for them.