Essay On The Short Story

“Divorce” By Ivan Klima Essay, Research Paper

In the short story entitled “Divorce” by Ivan Klima a judge makes an

important decision that will affect him for the rest of his life. The decision

maybe by this man, a Judge named Martin Vacek was for the better.

Loyalty and dedication is more important than lust and romance. Judge

Martin Vacek displayed true honorability when he decided to stay with his

wife rather than go off with a younger, more attractive, recently divorced


His decision completely ignored his inner most feelings. Love didn’t

overcome him. This was extremely unusual. Society has showed most of

the time that love can prevail over anything. According to Martin that

wasn’t the case. He proves that being loyal is number one to him. The

Judge proves to be a noble man and I think the choice he made was the

right one. A man who has been with married for 30 years show great


When the judge has a passionate and erotic night with a slim, finely

built, smooth skinned, who has not one wrinkle one her skin, and who is

twenty years old you would think that he found the perfect woman. In his

eyes he has but chooses not to be with her. He finds her attractive and just

feels an electric impulse when he is with her and when he speaks his soft

words he actually makes this woman melt like butter. Martin hasn’t

experienced this reaction towards him in a long time so this woman is

main him feel outrageously special. So considering all the things he

displayed what would Judge Martin Vacek do when she asks him “what’s

the point of such a marriage Martin?” He answers with the absolute

opposite of what she wanted to hear. She was waiting for Martin to say

something to let her know that she is more special than his wife, but that

wasn’t the case.

Due to his decision Judge Vacek loses out on an amazingly gorgeous

twenty year old girl but keeps his wife of thirty years who he has no

feelings for. Martin had a chance to change his mind and make her still

believe that she is the one but he with stood his feelings and stayed loyal to

his wife.

When a man shows loyalty the way Martin Vacek does, that is a special

man. Not many people would fight their feelings the way he did. The

Judge was right in every aspect except for committing adultery. It’s one

thing to commit adultery but it’s a totally different thing to commit

adultery and then take off with the person.