Save A Cow Essay Research Paper Save

Save A Cow Essay, Research Paper

Save A Cow; Eat A Vegan

?Animals have feelings, too.? ?I don?t eat anything with parents.?

?Meat is murder.? Sound familiar? It?s the battle cry of the tree hugging

animal loving part of society known as vegans. Vegans feel it is immoral to eat

any type of animal product and do not buy or use any animal consumer products. *

In reality, vegans are moronic, veggie-fad zombies without the intelligence to

realize the harm their doing to their bodies. + Vegans hold inane beliefs,

endanger their health, and follow the crowd.

+ Vegans hold inane beliefs. Vegan literature claims that they do not eat

meat or use any other animal products due to health reasons and moral dilemmas

(Weiss, 7). The health aspect is usually skewered, and the moral issues are

asinine. According to vegans, their most common reason for their lifestyle is to

stop attributing to the suffering of animals (Weiss, 9). Being omnivores means

eating both vegetables and meat. Humans are omnivores. Nature has decided that

those weaker on the food chain shall suffer. Since there are billions of

omnivores on Earth, mass quantities of meat are needed. It is almost impossible

to produce enough meat for the world in perfect environments for the animals;

therefore, animals are bound to suffer to serve for good of the majority.

By killing animals, people apparently lose karma. Many vegans have choose to

live the way they do to keep their karma intact (Weiss, 12). Karma is

approximately equal to Western civilization?s thoughts on cause and effect. So

basically, in fear of what might happen to them, they hide behind the easy cross

of veganism and can sleep safe and sound at night, knowing they?ve done their

good deed for the year.

+ Vegans endanger their health. Although part of the vegan decision is due to

health reasons, many important qualities of meat and dairy products are lost in

their diet. A lack of protein can be made up for in soy products, but important

amino acids and vitamins cannot be received in any other way than by the eating

of meat. In fact, a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause nerve damage, fatigue, and

anemia, which is a blood disorder (Weiss, 32). Many vegans who suffer from a

lack of needed vitamins appear thin, pallid with dark circles under their eyes,

and fragile.

Even when there are substitutes for protein, dairy, acids, and vitamins, few

vegans investigate enough to find alternatives, nor are the alternatives

inexpensive. Some suggestions are to go to health food stores and buy veggie

burgers, tofu hot dogs, and soy milk (Weiss, 48). These items are by no means as

cost efficient or easy to find. The literature that vegans produce encourage

young adults to bother their parents into buying these uneconomical foods, which

oddly seems immoral.

+ Vegans follow the crowd. By using lines like ?Did you ever notice that

trends always seem to start with movie and rock stars?? vegan literature tries

to glorify their lifestyle by saying ?it?s the cool thing to do? (Weiss,

19). And yes, fads do seem to start (and end) with famous people; therefore,

this fad will end and probably just in time for the next great diet to dazzle

the weak minded masses. The worst feature of their campaigning is their ploy to

dupe the younger crowds into their web. Young adults can make rash decisions

that will hurt their health, but since ?Drew Barrymore refuses to wear

leather,? why would anyone else (Weiss, 19)?

* In reality, vegans are moronic, veggie-fad zombies without the intelligence

to realize the harm their doing to their bodies. It is unfortunate that the

vegan way has become such a popular trend. A true justice to society would be

done if only all vegans would be gobbled up by rabid cows.