Sexual Abuse Essay Research Paper Sexual abuse

Sexual Abuse Essay, Research Paper

Sexual abuse is defined as making a wrong use of or to ill-treat by fondling or referring to one s sexual body parts. It has been statistically proven that one out of every four and one out of every seven boys will be sexually victimized by the age of eighteen. Eighty percent of the time the sexual abuser is someone known and trusted by the victim. Sexual abuse is a problem that occurs not only among young children but also affects people of all ages and genders worldwide.

In Judith Cooney s Coping With Sexual Abuse a boy named Jimmy remembers being fondled from the age of three. He recalls being forced to take showers with his father where his genitals were fondled. After this the homosexual sexual abuse, he ran away and was able to tell the story.

Although the sexual abuser is usually portrayed as a male, that is not always the case. In another incident there was a young man who had a pretty, smart, and outgoing older sister. He admired and aspired to be like her. She taught him everything from writing essays to riding a bike, and insisted on teaching him sex. His older sister introduced him to sex by forcing him into the act knowing that because of his admiration for her he would not resist.

It is believed that the statistics are higher for a woman because males are less likely to report sexual abuse. Often times the reason fro the attack is not sex. It is usually a power and control issue. The abuser usually has been abused as a child. One way to avoid the reoccurrence of sexual abuse is to get counseling and to share your experience with others.

Educating children at a young age can reduce sexual abuse. Children should be taught by the age of three that excess fondling of private body parts is inappropriate no matter who is doing the fondling. They should be taught to report it immediately if this happens to them.

The sexual abuser should receive a minimum of 25 years in prison for taking advantage of any human being. Sexual abuse is inhumane and perhaps with a sentence of twenty-five years people will think twice before doing the act.