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Bermuda Triangle Essay Research Paper BERMUDA (стр. 2 из 2)

Perhaps Brown’s Bahamas pyramid once formed part of Atlantis. It has been suggested that this sunken pyramid once attracted, accumulated and even generated some form of cosmic force. The suspended rod may have conducted forces accumulated in the capstone. The faceted red gem at its end may have been used to concentrate and project the energies to the crystal sphere below it. The burnt and blackened hands, showing the evidence of an energy transfer, probably amplified the release of these energies while the crystal sphere acted as the tuner and broadcaster of the energies.


Others believe that the Bermuda Triangle Phenomena is caused by the Lost City of Atlantis, sunk thousands of feet below the water’s surface. The advanced state of Atlantis at the time of it’s submersion, relied on the power of energy crystals. It is possible that these crystals are still at the bottom of the ocean, in a somewhat altered state, sending out rays of energy that either confuses the instrumentation of vehicles, or disintegrates them all together.

Lastly, many believe the Bermuda Triangle to be a man-made energy field using Tesla based technologies. A VLF-Resonance transmitter (a technology many believe to be in use by the North American Air Defense Command, or NORAD) would have an antipode directly in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. This hypothetical system would be capable of recharging speculated secret electric-powered submarine classes, and would definitely provide enough interference to scramble signals that airplanes and boats rely upon.

My Personal Opinion

Now, my personal opinion on the happenings of the Bermuda Triangle is that some “normal” phenomenon is occurring at the Bermuda Triangle, but one that cannot be explained by science, yet. I think that sooner or later all these “paranormal phenomena” will be scientifically explained. The “alternate worlds” that people speak of will be clarified scientifically as existing and will be classified as normal scientific occurring. Many scientists already have begun to accept these “alternative” realities as true – but hard facts are scarce to say the least. We must remember that until Copernicus (or actually Aristarchos) everyone thought that everything revolved around the Earth. We need a new Copernicus to show us another small piece of truth about the world we live in and on and on, eventually we will learn the whole truth and that is our purpose.

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