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Bermuda Triangle 2 Essay Research Paper

Bermuda Triangle 2 Essay, Research Paper

For years, many planes and ships have disappeared in the area of the

Bermuda Triangle. In my essay I’m going to try to find out and tell you, my

fellow students, why this phenomenon is occurring.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the world located to the Southeast

of the United States and it is also referred to as the “Devil’s Triangle”. The

triangle is formed by drawing imaginary lines from Melbourne, Florida, to

Bermuda, to Puerto Rico, and back to Melbourne, Florida. The area of the

triangle is 440,000 square miles.

One of the many controversial things about the Bermuda Triangle is

that there have never been any wreckage or bodies found from any reported

missing boat or plane. But there have been discoveries of planes with bodies

in them on the bottom of the ocean off the coasts. None of the found planes

were reported missing. That could be because of the numerous amounts of

planes that disappear in the Bermuda Triangle. Charles Berlitz explains the

number that disappear, “In the period 1974-76 more than six hundred yachts

and other pleasure craft have disappeared off the coasts of the United States,

a considerable percentage of these losses occurring within the Bermuda

Triangle”(13). He also talks about an interview with the press, “Recently,

during a press interview in San Francisco, I was asked by a reporter whether

any disappearances had been noted recently. I replied that a plane had

vanished the previous weekend suggesting that the disappearances in the

Bermuda Triangle, far from being a footnote to the past history of the sea, are

still continuing on the average of a plane about every two weeks and a ship or

yacht almost weekly”(15).

There are many disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle that we

can’t be told about. (Only because they happen to the Navy or the Coast

Guard.) “These probable reasons include the following: 1) Some incidents

may take place in the vicinity of non-NATO ships or planes with potential

international repercussions; 2) other incidents involving loss of

communication contact, alteration from flight plan or course might be

interpreted as lapses of professional expertise; 3) still others seem so fantastic

that they are evidently simply removed from the ship’s logs perhaps for the

reason that an account of an unrelated incident would endlessly complicate

and eventually obscure the report of the basic mission.”(27)explains Charles


The question of whether there are any famous people that have

disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle has probably come up in your mind.

Well the answer is, yes. Maybe not people that you should know, but it said

that they are famous. They are listed here, each with the number of its

disappearance from the enclosed sheet, along with a little more about them:

- Air Marshal, Sir Arthur Coningham on the “Star Tiger”(#70)

- Harvey Conover, world renowned yachtsman on the “Revonoc”(#89)

- Al Snyder, a famous jockey(#72)

- Joshua Slocum, first solo circumnavigator of the globe on the “Spray”(#15)

- a would-be global circumnavigator, Donald Crowhurst on the “Teignmouth

Electron”(#111). Others have disappeared like bankers, movie makers,

priests, and other well-known people.

There are many theories that different people believe in that explain the

unusual phenomenon of the Bermuda Triangle. Many different theories have

been collected by Charles Berlitz in his book Without a Trace. The following

explains a few.

One theory is that the Bermuda Triangle has a giant magnetic field in it.

Whenever satellites go over the Bermuda Triangle any tapes or pictures that

they try to take of it don’t develop. That could be because tapes are magnetic

and if magnetic forces are used on them, all of the information and data on

them would be erased. The magnetic field would be really powerful if it

actually exists. This supposed magnetic field does not interfere with the orbits

of the satellites, but can erase magnetic tape 8 miles from earth. The

government says that the reason no pictures could ever be taken is that the

user’s tape is rewound. There is no auto-rewind. The scientist, Professor

Meshejan, who submitted the idea of the magnetic field, still thinks that it is a

magnetic field, not a malfunction with the recorder. But that doesn’t explain

any of the glowing water, fire balls, and other unexplained phenomenon that

frequently occur.

Many theorists say that it is all aliens and UFO’s that are making these

planes, people, and ships disappear. Many people have reported seeing giant

glowing disks bigger than ships, flying through the air. (Many of which just

disappear or dive into the water or up into space) Others believe and suggest

that UFO’s are the answer to all these disappearances and unusual

phenomena. (If you believe in UFO’s, they can be the answer, they have all

the equipment and technology to do these things.) If they are real, and they do

have these technologies like they are said to have.

Another theory is explained here by Ronald Waddington, a researcher

and theorist of the Bermuda Triangle. “My hypothesis is based on the fact

that subterranean volcanic eruptions are taking place continuously. It is

conceivable that due to the great depths and pressures of the geosynclines

under the Atlantic volcanic eruptions quite different to the kind that created

the Pacific atolls are taking place in this area. Fissures may be opening up in

these uncharted depths and the fantastic pressure created by the hot gasses of

the earth’s core may be expelling chunks of radio-active densely magnetic

material unlike anything known to man. This material would move with

tremendous velocity, similar to a liquid-fueled rocket. When it broke the

surface of the water, like a Polaris missile, it might act like a powerful cosmic

ray in its attempts to change its electron balance.

The effect of these rays on any plane that came within its magnetic

field could short-circuit all electrical equipment. As the ignition system cut

out, the plane would instantly lose all lift and plunge into a glide over which

the pilot would have no control, as all electrical assists to the controls would

also be dead this instantaneous power shut-off would also explain why no

pilot was ever able to send out an S.O.S. even though some were in direct

contact with ground controllers. The assumed explosions of planes in the air

could be explained by the arcing of shorted electrical circuits igniting the gas

vapors as they hit the magnetic field.

The effect of this phenomena on ships would be quite different. Chunks

of this radio-active material could shoot to the surface with the velocity of a

hydrogen bomb and home in on the steel hulls of ships like the magnetic head

of a torpedo, and with the same devastating results. It is conceivable that a

ship hit with such atomic force could disintegrate completely, which explains

why no survivors or floating wreckage is found.

The peculiar phenomena of the ships that have been found afloat with

no one aboard…can be explained by assuming that these eruptions, like all

known volcanic eruptions, vary in magnitude and duration. These ships may

have been bombarded with smaller fragments not powerful enough to sink the

ship. The terrifying spectacle of these fire-bombs suddenly emerging from the

sea and bombarding the ship would throw the crew into such a panic that they

would immediately abandon ship. The boiling turbulence of the water, usually

associated with a subterranean volcanic eruptions, coupled with the panic-

stricken actions of the crew would preclude any hope of survivors from such

a disaster.

The remarks of the few radio operators who were able to describe what

they saw before their sets went dead make no sense whatever, until you relate

them to the fire-ball and water turbulence that a subterranean disturbance of

this kind might create, then they make very good sense indeed and are

perfectly logical.

The fact that these mysterious happenings only take place on certain

dates, and that thousands of ships and planes pass through this busy area

without incident seems to indicate that these incidents have a cyclic

characteristic similar to volcanoes.

These kinds of peculiar eruptions could of course be taking place in

other areas, such as the vast Pacific, a long way from busy shipping lanes and

air lanes. Perhaps some of the mysterious disappearances around Japan and

other areas of the Pacific could be looked into more closely to see if they fit

into the pattern of deep geosynclines and sub terrain ridges…”(78).

Using that theory by Waddington, it could be a logical explanation for

the unexplained phenomena happening in the Bermuda Triangle. Such as the

glowing lights, fire balls, and glowing waters. Those are a few things that

could be explained by that theory.

“There are indications, however, that the occurrences in the Bermuda

Triangle cannot be categorized solely as coming from volcanic disturbances

below and a turbulent sea above. Many other puzzling factors must also be

considered. These include the unusual behavior of clouds, the sudden

appearance of glowing fogs, “whiteouts” accompanied by electromagnetic

malfunction, unidentified lights or craft moving in and out of vision through

the night sky or below the surface of the sea, or from under the sea to the sky

and back again, and finally “phantom” radar sightings of objects on the radar

screen that apparently have no material form”(103) Charles Berlitz disagrees.

Many people have mysteriously disappeared from beaches,

lighthouses, and swimming areas. Along with these instances there has been

many time where boats are floating around with no crew. This is explained by

psychiatrists, they say that the people panic and jump out of the boat or

lighthouse (panic) in fear of any unusual disturbances.

Another theory is that when Atlantis was supposedly around, Atlantis

was told to have had giant crystals used for generating energy. After it sank

some scientists believe that those crystals acted in a bizzare way and they

created some type of electromagnetic energy, causing the shut-down of the

ship’s and plane’s devices. This theory supports how the instruments on planes

and boats go wild. It doesn’t, however, explain how these crafts just


New research provides information that under the ocean where the

Bermuda Triangle lies, is the lost city of Atlantis. Many scientists say it is in

the Bermuda Triangle, others say it is in the Atlantic Ocean, and there are 40

other locations where different scientists say it is.

The legend of Atlantis talks about how an island containing a

wonderful civilization with gold and silver and great structures, existed at the

time of Pluto. After the glaciers melted a long time ago, the water rose to

1,000 feet deeper. What used to be beaches and islands are now just

underwater structures. There is evidence proving that the water level used to

be lower, 1,000 feet lower. They have discovered underwater caves with

stalactites, icicle looking mineral formations formed by dripping water,

hanging from the ceiling. They also found tachylyte on the ocean bottom,

which is a type of lava that would have had to dry above water. That shows

that the water has risen and that Atlantis could be sitting on the ocean bottom.

Possibly under the Bermuda Triangle.

Scientists have shown pictures of the ocean bottom that show tile

formations. They also show a picture of a radar scan of the bottom of the

ocean under the Bermuda Triangle. The scan shows a pyramid shape 420 feet

high with a 540 foot base. Overhead photographs have shown the outline of

walls and other ruins underwater.

In about 1977 an expedition made by Dr. David Zink from Lamar

University, researcher Dr. M. Valentine, Dr. J. Throne, and a few others that

has provided information that the ruins are not just natural rock formations.

They are not just natural beach rocks, but a type of rock that was placed there

in formations. (Possibly ruins of an ancient civilization.) Atlantis, the glorious

and ancient civilization may have been covered by volcanic lava 11,500 years


Another strange phenomenon that goes on in the Bermuda Triangle is

how radio and TV transmissions have been lost. Ships and planes have

received transmissions of radio and TV that are years old. As if they were just

lost and traveled the world thousands of times.

Many people have experienced these unexplained events and here are

some specific things that have happened to people. “A crew member on the

Queen Elizabeth 2 sees a plane flying directly at his ship. The plane suddenly

disappears into the sea a hundred yards from the ship. The sea nearly opens;

there is no splash, no noise, and no wreckage or oil.”, says Charles Berlitz.

” A Cessna 172 is ‘chased’ by a cloud, causing its instruments to

malfunction, and the death of its pilot, as reported by surviving

passengers.”(120) says Charles Berlitz.

“A Beechcraft Bonanza flies into a monstrous cumulus cloud off

Andros, loses radio contact and then regains it after four minutes, but finds

itself now over Miami with twenty-five more gallons of gas than it should

have had, almost exactly the amount of gas it would have burned for the

Andros-Miami trip.”(120) says Charles Berlitz.

Charles Berlitz also talked about this strange event, “To the former

category belongs the DC-3, a chartered passenger plane approaching Miami

for a landing(#74 one the map of disappearances), whose pilot announced,

‘We are approaching the field…We can see the lights of Miami now. All’s

well. Will stand by for landing instructions…’ before he and his plane and

passengers disappeared from the sky”(121).

This encounter was experienced by Dr. Jim Thorne on August 4,1975

on the Island of Bimini, “A single star seemed to detach itself from the others

and come strait towards us. It hovered directly above us and then moved to

the right. It maneuvered first to the right, then to the left, and back again. It

appeared to stop dead in the sky and hover over different parts of the entire

island and the sea around it. I would calculate its speed at several thousand

miles per hour. It seemed to be a bluish-white and also to vibrate. At times

we thought we heard a buzzing sound or, rather, a steady oscillation of sound.

We observed it for a full three and a half minutes. It was close enough for us

to see its shape. When it got close I saw it was lighted with blue-white lights.

It started away very fast.

I’ve always been very pragmatic[about UFO's]- never believed in them.

I’m convinced about what I saw. I’m not saying it was extraterrestrial but it

was a UFO, that is, it was certainly unidentified. Walt Henrich, one of the

divers, was with me, a rather unemotional guy. His comment was: ‘I’ve seen it

but I don’t believe it.’ “(137).

Charles Berlitz talks about the Bermuda Triangle and the many

possibilities that it could be used for, “Perhaps the Bermuda Triangle,

another, greater mystery of the Atlantic, is at the same time an indication and

a beacon to stranger and even further voyages. Perhaps it is already serving

others as a road, while for us, when we learn how to control the principles

involved it may prove to be the gateway to our own road to the stars and to

the multiple worlds of the galaxies which surround us”(162).

According to a report of the Astronomy Survey Committee of the

United States National Academy of Sciences, “Each passing year has seen

our estimates of the probability of life in space increase, along with our

capabilities for detecting it. More and more scientists feel that contact with

other civilizations is no longer something beyond our dreams but a natural

event in history of mankind that will perhaps occur within the lifetime of

many of us. The promise is now too great, either to turn away from it of to

wait much longer before devoting major resources to a search for other

intelligent beings…In the long run this may be one of science’s most important

and most profound contributions to mankind and to our civilization”(178).