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Solution To 4 Way Stops Essay Research

Solution To 4 Way Stops Essay, Research Paper

Drivers in South Carolina are noted for their lack of driving skills. Examples of unknowledgeable drivers are seen cruising the streets of Sumter everyday. The best place to find a typical South Carolina driver is at a four way stop. The general public does not know what to do at a four way stop. Everyone sits still hoping that someone will go. As a solution to this problem I propose replacing four way stops with warning lights.

Warning lights will solve the problem by replacing four way stops completely. No one will have to be confused by whose turn it is to go. The busier street of the intersection will have yellow flashing lights while the other street will have red flashing lights installed. The yellow lights will warn driver to slow down (yield) at the intersection. The red lights will stop the flow of traffic until the street can be crossed.

This solution can be accomplished by installing these lights where four way stops currently are. South Carolina can stop replacing fairly new stop lights and use that money towards installing warning lights at four way stops. South Carolina wastes a lot of money “repairing” things that were recently replaced or repaired.

Certainly someone is going to have reservations about replacing four way stops with warning lights. The objecting parties should view the records on the number of accidents caused by confusion at four way stops. These figures are enormous and mind boggling.

Another solutions could be proposed, but they would cost the state entirely too much money. Mandatory state issued driving classes are an alternative solution. The state would have to pay for them, which means that taxpayers would have an increase in taxes. Not many taxpayers would like an increase in their taxes just to do away with mass confusion at a stop sign.

The best solution to confusion at four way stops is to install warning lights in their place. This will eliminate not only the problem of disorder, but give a solution that will not inflate taxes.

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