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My Problem With School Essay Research Paper

My Problem With School Essay, Research Paper

The largest problem that has contributed to my academic difficulties over the past four years here at the University of Maryland, College Park were the majors that I had chosen. Over the years I ve switched from biochemistry, to physiology/neurobiology, cell and molecular biology, and nutrition majors. I did this all in the hopes of finding interest in that one particular subject area and choosing a major that would prepare me for medical school. However at the end of my seventh semester I had come to grips with the fact that I really did not want to be a medical doctor down the future. That I had been studying courses to get into medical school just because my parents wanted me to. Becoming a doctor was something my parents wanted more than I did. Even after I had switched majors I still took pre-medical courses just to see if I wasn t making such a drastic switch. I wanted to see if I could still do biology because I still didn t want to disappoint my parents. However I had absolutely no interest in the material and thus failed one course and dropped another course beforehand. This just reinforced my decision to stop taking biology related courses altogether.

Another difficulty that has hindered my performance is time management. Over the semester I ve had to manage my time between a part-time job, my chores at home and spending time with my friends. This had obviously affected my studies greatly. Steps I have taken to resolve my academic problem are: reevaluating my academic interests and prospective career paths; talking to my parents about these issues; and looking for a summer job so financial burdens are lessened during the school year. The winter after my seventh semester when I had decided a career as a medical doctor was not for me, I started thinking. I had asked myself what my real interests in life were, how I could incorporate these interests into a career field and if the University of Maryland could offer me an outlet to get involved in this interest and prepare me for my chosen prospective careers. Considering I had always had an interest in the philosophical side of religion, philosophy itself and was always interested in philosophical discussions I felt switching to philosophy was an obvious choice.

Upon researching what careers one is able to enter into with a philosophy degree my decision was reinforced. I could either go onto graduate school in philosophy, law school, or perhaps find jobs in many areas of the work force. For now I m interested in getting into law school and studying comparative and international law. I know that I ll have to raise my GPA as much as I can and do excellent on the LSAT however it s my own ambition that drives me now and I believe I can do it.

When talking to my parents about my decision they were not very happy at first.

However once I made my case about my new found interest and they saw how poorly I had been doing they started to see my point. They are still not so happy that I did not do well in my pre medical studies and that I am not going into medicine but they are more understanding of my decision to switch majors and career choices.

As for the problems regarding my time management my parents have cut back on work I need to do around the house so I have more time to study next semester. Although I ve been working at CVS pharmacy for the past year I ve been looking for a higher paying job for the summer so financial burdens are less on me during the school year and I ll have more time to study. Finally I hope that taking the summer retention program will help me somewhat in learning how to better manage my time, regardless of whatever obligations I will ever have during the remainder of my academic career.

Despite all these problems I would like the faculty petition board to note that my performance in the classes that were required of my major was not so bad. Considering that I had taken three major courses all at the 300 level and considering the difficulty level of the courses, receiving two B s and an incomplete I believe shows that I have definite potential to succeed as a philosophy major. The incomplete was due to all the problems that I had mentioned above. My professor told me that once I had completed my coursework and handed it in he would give me a C in the class.

In conclusion upon making a decision, I believe the faculty petition board should take into account the following evidence when judging my case. That I have reconsidered my academic interests at the University of Maryland. That despite the problems I have faced that I have not done so bad in courses for my major. That to date I have seventy-seven credits at this university and dismissing me would just be prolonging the goals I have since I greatly desire to receive a degree from this great institution. I hope that the faculty petition board comes to the same conclusion as I have, that with the help of the summer retention program and the guidance of academic advisors I can do well as a philosophy major at this institution.


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