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State Of Nature Essay Research Paper If

State Of Nature Essay, Research Paper

If human beings lived in a state of nature they would be free. Free from any form of government. Free from people telling them how to live and how to do their job. These people would have no boss or parents to deal with. Ideally this would be the kind of environment that people would like to live in. Most teenage kids would like the thought of running around not being told what to do. They wouldn t have to come in at a certain time, or eat their vegetables. I think that some adults would like this kind of world too. Their bosses would be gone, they wouldn t have to worry about getting fired because of missing a deadline, or mess up some important presentation that they were giving.

Most people think that this is a good way to live. On the other hand when people live with out rules, anything can happen. Since these people have no rules to follow they would be able to do what ever they felt like doing, no matter what it was. With out any police or any form of government to make and enforce rules, the people could steal, destroy buildings and even kill people. If someone didn t like the way someone dressed or they way somebody wore their hair, they could kill this person with out getting punished. Since there would be no court system or police of any kind the killer would be able to walk free. There would be a lot of chaos in this town and it would probably get destroyed pretty quickly. These people would have to make some sort of government.

If some rules were made in this town, people would be giving up some freedom to be safe. If everyone decided to make a law or a rule where you couldn t kill people without getting punished or locked away people would feel safe. The people would give up total freedom to be safe. They would feel more secure in their homes, because they would have the fear of death taken away. I think that the people would probably get along better with some rules in the city.

In America we have some rules that we have to live by, but we also live in a free state. We have rules that punish killers and vandals. On the other hand we are free to choose a job we want. We can vote in elections, and we can even decide where we want to live and how we want to live our life. Living in America we give up certain freedoms to live in a safe environment. I believe that this is the best way to live.

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