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Warstrider Essay Research Paper WarstriderWilliam H Keith

Warstrider Essay, Research Paper


William H. Keith, Jr.

Pgs: 327

1. Do not trust anyone, even if they look harmless. In this book Dev Cameron is trying to fight the Confederations army. They have taken over many planets and recently took over New America. Along the way, Dev xenolinked with an alien species called the Naga. Their fusion magnified all of Dev s senses and also gave him two new ones. Even though it gave him power that he has never seen before, it also hurt him. The link became an obsessive feeling that Dev would always hear. It also distracted him from his duties as commander of the Starship Eagle. It was making him think that he was invincible and that he could do anything; even when he couldn t., he would put the life of himself and his crew in danger.

2. Dev is the captain of the ship, Eagle. He has been obsessed with the Naga ever since he fussed with one. When he is commanding the ship, he can t stop thinking about his experience with the Naga and the power it gave him. Ever since Dev, who was the son of a starship captain, always wanted to be a ship jacker. Once he even jacked aboard a freighter, but when he tried to join the Hegemoney Navy, his TM rating was too high. He ended up bring leg infantry. The TM is a drug that is given to everyone who is linked and it caused different effects on some people. The higher the TM rating on people the more that the person feels invincible. The TM gives some people a god like feeling. For a captain or a ship jacker, it is best to have a low TM rating so that he doesn t make bad decision that kills his crew. Once the war of the rebel confederation started, the rebels needed as many jackers as they could get, so they finally let Dev in as a jacker. The Eagle was one of the ships that he jacked, so he is now the captain.

3. The setting of this book is in space. It is around New America. New America is the headquarters of the rebel forces. This setting makes this book better because space is so limitless; so much is unknown about it, so almost anything can happen. He persuades me to believe that his setting is a true one by describing all the planets, the scenery, and the different people among them.

4. This title is significant to the book because Dev used to be a warstrider before he became a ship jacker. Also, the warstriders played a very important part in the book because they helped the rebel forces defeat the Confederation.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction books. This is a pretty good book, but gets slow at times. The quality that makes this book readable is the action in the book. It is pretty exciting at times to read, except for a few slow parts