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Without Men Essay Research Paper Without MenMost

Without Men Essay, Research Paper

Without Men

Most men view themselves as being the superior life-form in society. They justify this belief by saying that they are stronger and more capable; thus, making them more qualify for the more important roles in society. They place themselves on pedestals and force women to believe in their own inferiority to men and their incapability to excel educationally, politically, economically, and domestically. But the truth is that women will eventually advance in all these areas and come to realize that they do not need men to survive.

Through the years, women have challenged the traditional female roles and have gradually climbed up the social ladder. They have split up the domestic chores with their husbands and entered the workforce and/or returned to school. They are no longer compelled to become domestic housewives who stay at home to cook, clean, care for the children, and serve their husbands. However, they are given more choices and opportunities, and are becoming more independent.

From the time of the women’s movement, women have proven to society that they are just as capable and qualify for the same roles that men perform. Since they have been given more educational opportunities, they have also proven that they are just as competent by accomplishing the same educational level as men. They also proved that they are capable of performing the same kinds of work that men have traditionally done. They have forced society to modify job titles (formally known to be only men jobs) to acknowledge the women who have gone into these fields: from fireman to firefighter; mailman to mail deliverer; policeman to police officer; and etc. Due to these new opportunities that have been made possible to women, more and more of them are joining the workforce each year. According to America Today, about 55% of the people who enter the workforce each year are female (23). At this rate, women will eventually dominate the work force; thus, dominating the economic system.

Gaining this financial independent will allow women to surpass in other areas of society, which is also give them more political influence. The government positions currently being held by women in the White House and state capitals all over the United States prove that this is true. It is also comprehensible that women will eventually be able to take on the role of presidency as they have other government positions. It is only a matter of time that this should happen. Once women advance and control these aspects of society, they will learn that they do not need men to survive.

Imagine the world without men. Would the (female) human specie be able to continue dominating the Earth? Personally, I believe so. I believe that modern scientists will eventually be able to develop a scientific method that will allow us to create the sperm cell necessary to continue the reproduction of the (female) human life without the male’s assistance. Females will then be able to impregnate themselves and give birth to their daughter without sexual intercourse with the males. The female’s biological ability to carry and nurture the child, and the male’s inability to do so, prove that women can but men cannot reproduce without the opposite sex. This scientific discovery will eliminate the need for the male human specie; thus, causing them to become extinct.

Even though the belief of male domination is being severely jeopardized in the recent years, men are still ignorantly holding on to the ludicrous idea that they are superior to females. They are in denial; they do not want to believe that women could do without them because they are so egoistic. Deep down they are afraid that women will come to the realization that they do not need men; therefore, they have tried subliminally to keep women inferior in almost every aspects of life for as long as possible. But eventually, the women will excel in all these areas and come to realize that they can survive without man and rid of them. This extreme idea is hard to believe now because the world is full of men, but I believe that there will come a day when women will rule the Earth and men will only exist in history books.