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Mom Vs Dad Essay Research Paper Mom

Mom V.s. Dad Essay, Research Paper

Mom vs. Dad

In my family, trying to find two contrasting relatives is like trying to find a needle, in a stack of needles. Of course after a little thought, the two most obvious and contrasting family members turned out to be my parents. Although many differences exist between my mom and dad, three major ones include the way they act, the way the think, and the way they parent.

First off, their personalities vary to the extreme. My dad, for example, acts extremely selfish. Rarely does he clean up after himself. In fact, the norm is to just throw his stuff wherever he wants, and not care that others have to clean up. Of course, this activity is only topped by his favorite deception. Normally a parent-to-child loan does not necessarily get repaid. However, in my dad?s case an unpaid loan will possibly be brought up six months down the line. My other, on the other hand, is the caring one in family. She will unquestioningly care for others and in most cases ends up cleaning up after my dad. Also, unlike my father, a maternal loan, even if it is a ?loan?, will never have to be paid back.

Secondly, the two have totally different thought processes. Dad tend s to be reasonable, in that he when presented with and idea, he considers all aspects before developing a conclusion. As a result dad tends to always be knowledgeable about any subject he will discuss. However, mom doesn?t think about any information given to her and automatically excepts it as true. Infect, she will believe anything. As-seen-on-TV products are not questioned, and in my mothers eyes will, without a doubt, cure everything from tooth decay to a dirty carpet. Unlike, my dad, my mom never seems to have a good basis for argument. Her Sources of information seem to be loosely based on some TV show or what a friend has said. As a result my mother rarely seems to know what she is talking about.

Finally, the most noticeable difference show in the way they rule over their children. My father, as do most, rules with an iron fist. Nothing slips by the man, and when a child does slip up they can be sure of a harsh punishment. In addition, it is hard not to take him seriously. My father can set a grounding, take a car, and yell till the offender cries, all without blinking. This manages to instill serious respect. Of course, my mother?s rules and punishments rarely stick. A little whining and complaining usually leads to any grounding being lifted. Differing from my dad, my mom is hard to take seriously. It becomes hard to seriously listen to someone when you know they will not do whatever they are threatening.

Obviously, my mother and father vary in numerous ways, but the most noticeable happens to be their personalities, their thought?s, and their parenting skills.

Zach Spencer