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Catcher Diagram Essay Research Paper There are

Catcher Diagram Essay, Research Paper

There are six parts to a plot of a book. These are the

exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action,

and resolution. I’m sure there is no set way to diagram

“The Catcher in the Rye”, but I believe the following is


In the very beginning of “The Catcher in the Rye”, we

are given some background information on the setting and

situation, and of course Holden Caulfield, the protagonist.

We learn that Holden attends Pencey Preparatory, an elite

college preparatory school in Agerstown, Pennsylvania.

There is also Holden’s brother D.B., who we are not

introduced to but are given some information about him.

D.B. is a writer who moved to Hollywood with all the

“phonies”, as Holden called them. This disclosure of vital

background information is called the exposition.

Next, we are told the conflict which is that Holden is

being expelled from Pencey because of his very poor grades.

Although he is supposed to leave in a few days, Holden

decides to leave early and venture to New York City. Since

his parents are under the impression he will be home on

Wednesday and not Saturday, Holden has to fend for himself

in New York City for a few days without much money.

The rising action is the part of the book that begins

with the onset of the conflict up until the climax. During

the rising action, many events occur. Holden leaves Pencey

and takes a train to New York City. During this part of the

book, the infamous scene with the prostitute, Sunny, occurs.

As a result of his encounter with the prostitute, Holden is

nearly killed by her pimp, Maurice, over a dispute about

money. Towards the end of the rising action, Holden decides

to break into his apartment to see his sister, Phoebe. He

arrives there and they chat, but Holden is still in his

sister’s room when his parents get home. He eventually

escapes through the fire escape. In this section Phoebe

also learns of Holden’s scheme to move away from New York.

The climax of the story occurs when Holden meets his

sister in the Museum of Natural History. This section is

the climax because it is when Phoebe tells Holden that she

wants to come with him on his expedition to find a job and

build a log cabin. This is also where Holden finds the

same expletive scribbled on the wall that was on a wall in

Phoebe’s school.

The falling action is from the time Phoebe refuses to

talk to Holden till they get to the carousel. During the

falling action Phoebe is angry because Holden will not let

her come with him on his trip. She doesn’t talk to him or

walk on the same side of the street as he does until they

reach the carousel.

Once they reach the carousel, the resolution occurs

when Holden agrees not to leave his family and move away.

Once Holden agrees to leave, Phoebe pulls a one-eighty and

decides to love her brother again.