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Harlem Renessaince Essay Research Paper We are

Harlem Renessaince Essay, Research Paper

We are in the midst of a Harlem Renaissance, or a black Rennaissance if you will. Since the end of the Great War, until now, Africian American writers have producted prominent works, the artist have made masterpieces, and Shuffle Along was the pinnacle of all success. This modern day renaissance, has brought th eBlack experience clearly within the view of the general American public.

Many African-Americans migrated from the south to the north, by doing this changed much of what has been their American culture. They went from rural to urban, and from being a mear peasant to a sophisticated person. The renaissance used its belief in arta dn literature as agents of change, and in its almost uncritical belief in itself and its future. The artist who made this happen were people such as; Josephine Baker, Arna Bontemps, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Walter White, along with numerous others. Many African Americans moved north as both luck and coincidence, provided a sizable chunk of real estate in the heart of Manhattan. With their move many brought with them their southern culture, including Jazz and folk stories which were used as the basis for many of the works that made Harlem the place to be.

As the population in Harlem has grown from 14,000 in 1914, to about 200,000 today, Harlem has become one of the hotspots for entertainment. Jazz has enticed both black and white cultures alike. This new music fad has helped to define the nightlife of the roaring twenties. Provoking this new generation to shed both the traditional ways, and the traditional clothing. Tight long outfits have given way to more comfortable, more revealing outfits such as the flapper.

The new Harlem Renaissance has help to define a new era, and has helped African-Americans to finally enjoy some of the spotlight.


Marcus Garvey, the notable African American leader, who urged other African Americans to return to the homeland of Africa, was arrested and jailed for fraud. These charges were in realation to his overselling stock in his Black Star steamship line.


Republican Calvin Coolidge was elected to serve as president for the next four years. Coolidge recently finished up the term left vacant by the death of former President Harding.


Henry Ford, genius of the assembly line, has recently allowed his newspaper to print anti-semitic campaign against Jewsish people.


The Harlem Renaissance has proven to be a truly invaluable thing for all African-Americans across our great land. By producing something desired (not just free labor) by the general population of the country, they have been throw into the national spotlight. With much attention given earlier to the play, ?Shuffle Along,? and the Jazz stylings of such notables as Loius Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Also, the poems of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, have entertain hundreds of thousands.

There is now undeniable evidence that blacks are in everyway equal to whites. They can work just as hard, think just as well, write just as eloquently, and perform just the same. Not only can blacks do this, but they can do this while being held down and denied what is readily supplied to the whites.

Since it is evident that blacks are equal physically, mentally, and artistically, and technically by law, then isn?t it right that everything else between them be equal. Things such as pay and treatment. After all, one would think that in this day and age that we could all get along like the rational people we are.


In a recent interview Satchmo Yaknow, gave his opinions on the current happenings going down in Harlem.