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Coaching Portfolio Sport Football Conditioning Essay Research

Coaching Portfolio Sport: Football Conditioning Essay, Research Paper

Coaching Portfolio

Sport: Football

Conditioning: The conditioning program will focus on the two energy production systems, anaerobic and aerobic systems. The aerobic systems focuses more on long term conditioning. Such as jogging long distances, bicycling, swimming or dribbling a ball for long periods of time. The aerobic systems uses fats, carbohydrates, and proteins for its energy source. A good diet is essential to maintain a substantial amount of energy during athletic performances. The anaerobic system is used during high intensity activities such as; sprinting, lifting weights, and punches. Both of these systems are used during football. As coach, I want to develop both systems in my athletes so I will help prevent injury as well allow them to perform better during competition.

“Sport conditioning is the participation in physical activity intended to enhance the energy production and muscular systems of the body which may supplement and improve the performance of learned sports skills.”

Off- Season program:

During the off-season, I want athletes to develop more as people and as athletes. The off-season program is designed to get athletes stronger, faster, and more knowledgeable of the game. Monday through Friday workouts will be held. All athletes are expected to participate unless you have school or another athletic competition to go to.

Monday- lifting

Tuesday- running

Wednesday- lifting

Thursday- running

Friday- lifting

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be fore lifting and on Tuesday and Thursday are set aside for running.

Lifting exercises to be completed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are as follow (all weights are to be determined by coach):

1. Bench press 3 sets of 5(anaerobic)

2. Leg press 1 set of 15(anaerobic)

3. Squat 1 set of 15(anaerobic)

4. Power clings 1 set of 10(anaerobic)

5. Incline Press 3 sets of 5(anaerobic)

6. Curls 3 sets of 10 (anaerobic)

7. Tricep Press Down 3 sets of eight (anaerobic)

Running exercises to be done every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Running exercises are to be announced during the run. Here is a list of the various runs:

1. Gassers (anaerobic)

2. Sprints (anaerobic)

3. Jogging (aerobic)

4. Racing (anaerobic)

5. Agility bags (anaerobic)

6. Distance (aerobic)

(Before all runs and athletic competitions warm up and cool down.)

Injury Prevention:

Prior to athletic competitions to prevent injury, warming up techniques must be applied. Football is a sport that requires a lot of energy and locomotion of the body. The body takes on a lot of force and the muscles are constantly at work. Muscles have to be

Emergency Action Plan: